To Believe I Was A Part Of Something..

i thought it was all three of us, working  together to make sure it started right, to make sure it went in the right direction. i helped with all the research and started to get a little excited about it. i was included in it i was a [art of someting that was important and i was playing a part in it that made a difference. now it seems im pushed aside again, yeah im still in it but i know see im not a part of it, im not wanted or needed or appreciated. im just there. serves me right for believing i could finally feel i had a place.

FromTheHeartOfaWoman FromTheHeartOfaWoman
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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

Some people are like that. Sometimes we commit ourselves totally to a project, putting our heart and soul into it and then someone will come along and decide to step on your toes. These people are not only selfish, insensitive, and mean, but they are also self centered. It's like they are saying, Hey, look at me, look what I've done. The end result could lead us to get lost in the shuffle and our efforts get thrown away. <br />
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I have been there and done that in the past and I struggled with the hurtful outcome. I know when this happens we tend to become very disheartened. It attacks our feelings and we may feel a bit of mistrust. But all you need to remember is that not all people are like that. <br />
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And by the way please DO NOT call yourself stupid.