Why I Submit

There's something that happens in my brain when I am given an order. It puts me in a frame of mind of serenity, bliss, and freedom.  I love that I'm making another person happy with my deeds.  To see their smile, to know they are proud, happy and pleased.  Nothing thrills me more than to follow directions given and complete them the best I can do.  It may be a sexual task, or it could be as non-sexual as cleaning the toilet.  Just knowing I'm pleasing him with my actions makes me very happy.  

Submission makes me feel whole inside.
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I used to be apprehensive, and then surprised that things worked out so well doing things HIS way. My trust was hard earned but I'm the one who has gained the most. My cup runneth over

Yeah, I feel like the more I give away, the fuller I feel. It's amazing!

very interesting. I never heared of this. but now it helps me to understand some things. Thank you for your contribution.

I couldn't help giggling because I know just what you are talking about. It's a lovely, warm, happy feeling isn't it? :-)

Sure is!!

Very nice, great story. Thank you.

You're welcome!

Your stories are always so filled with emotion. Always love reading you.

I'm a pretty intense, emotional person. ;)

I know, that's why I love you.

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me too . . . thank you for sharing . . .

You're welcome!