I Want To Be With Him...

me and my ex have known each other a year now an he recently broke up because a girl lied and said he cheated when he never he is 20 and im 27years old we love each other very much and yes we have had are ups and down and ive cried because ive got hurt ect hes cried because ive ended it but we have recently got back in touch via skype and both want to be together but the only thing that's stopping us is my mum she has told me under no circumstances am i to talk to him or see him again which yes ive been skyping him and she shouted at him last time and told him i was far to good for him ect his friends have told him hes stupid for trying again with me which i understand they just want to see him happy we want to try again but im not allowed to see him and if i try bringing up his name my mum starts calling me a silly little *****...im desperate just because i cant get anyone else...she never thought she had a mug for a daughter....shes ashamed of me ect i love him so much and hes told me he feels uncomfortable picking me up from my house again so we will have to meet else where but im not allowed...im so upset about it what am i going to do? :'( im lost without him
blondexxmoments blondexxmoments
26-30, F
Nov 25, 2012