What the **** is Tallsome? Some guy trying to push his brand down my throat? No, not really - Tallsome is a made up word for being tall and awesome (and handsome? :) )

We are a couple of guys tired of listening to people complayning about their height as if it were a handicap or something to be ashamed of. Being tall is an ASSET - not a curse.

Whatever height you have you should embrace, because your height will never change much. Sure, you might shrink a little when you're 90, but until then, you should strive to get the best out of the life you've been given - because you only live once! :)

I am 6'8", and yes - I too used to slouch and walk around looking uncomfortable with the body I was in. For me, at was about being so skinny more than about being super tall. I decided to do something about it, and now I'm not so skinny anymore. This is a picture from Tallsome's instagram: 

I worked my behind off and put on some weight to hang on my scrawney frame. Building a stronger back also improved my posture a lot, so went from this to this: 

You can do the same - alter what you are unsatisfied with naturally OR have the confidence to accept yourself and the body you're inhabiting. 

If you want good-reads and maybe a little support in your possible unsatisfaction with being tall, you should keep an eye on Tallsome.com. 

I hope that you will change your mindset and stop whining about being tall - a lot of guys would kill for some of your height. If you love your height as we do, SHARE that feeling - you're welcome to guest blog on Tallsome. Send us an e-mail on contact(at)tallsome.com!

Peace out! :)
Tallsome Tallsome
26-30, M
2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

You do all that and scared to put your face its amazing

This website is soo cool!

Comments like yours makes the whole thing worth the effort :) THANK you so much!