As Is Quite Fitting, And Right.

I know that there is a segment of the human population that feels no sorrow or regret and have no compunction with hurting others. I am very fortunately not among that ilk.
When I've hurt someone, it plagues me until I've made it right or at least sought that person's forgiveness in earnest (whether or not I'm forgiven). 
You know, intent really matters very little when the other person's emotional reality is "Hey, that hurts". It is a good idea to keep this in mind when seeking forgiveness. 
Oh sure, I could go the rest of my life without ever hurting another person, that's easy. All I have to do is never have contact with another human being as long as I live. 
But, getting back to reality? I know that I'll just have to try and be a better human being (more sensitive, more intuitive, definitely more humble and teachable) and admit my wrongs. 

I miss him so much that I almost can't breathe.
afreimann afreimann
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I'm sorry.