In the past I've spoken out about racim, sexism and intolerance on EP. There isn't a lot, but I have come across a few. Like the nameles guy from South Africa who used a picture of Nazi Reinhard Heydrich a his avatar. I made a comment about it, he didn't like it, but who cares. I'm not saying that all South African white are racist, but this Boer (or maybe we should call him a boor) certainly was. After all, aparteid is in the recent South African past. Then there wa the Muslim woman who said she wa glad when the airplanes hit the twin towers in NYC, and thousands died. Including many Muslims, ironically. Laughing about any tragedy, let alone one of that magnitude, is simply ignorant and uncaring. Again, I'm not saying all Muslims feel this way, but this one did. I recently found out that Christians and Muslims have a lot more in common than I thought before. That the Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet. Let me just say that I'm agnostic. It's time that all people of all religions, not jusst monotheists, stop looking at their difference and look at their similarities.
IanMatthew IanMatthew
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1 Response Oct 28, 2010

BRAVO....thank you....the voice of reason may yet prevail....