The Only Thing I Can't Tolerate Is Intolerance....


I think if people want to express intolerant views then that is their right, but I don't think those views should be voiced via comments to EP-ers who are clearly battling demons and looking for support.  Intolerance should rather be expressed via individual stories for people to either agree with or ignore, as they choose.

psyko psyko
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2 Responses May 18, 2009

It's a fine line, really and where do you draw it? For me, I respect your right to have an opinion different to mine, but keep your soapbox comments FAR away from me please.

I agree with you 100%. Ep should be a safe place for all to share. We may not agree on things but it is not our right to judge. I saw a story the other day where someone was so belittled and put down. It was disgusting. But for what reason and at what cost. Did it make them feel better to put someone else because they were different. The world is made up of so many people and what makes it great is not one of us is the same as the next. x