Shall We Institute Censorship On Ep?

My short answer is a resounding NO!

  EP is supposedly a place where individuals can anonymously write about their experiences, and present themselves as they actually are … warts, kinks and all. However there seems to be a number of groups and individual folks who object to certain practices, sexual preferences, religious beliefs and food groups. These self appointed EP censors would restrict access to the site based on their personal beliefs. May I ask a few questions? 1.      If you do not like a type of story why read it? 2.      If you object to “adult” content why have you disabled your filter? 3.      This is the web after all and we all receive boat loads of spam from **** sites, Viagra peddlers, new social networking sites, adult dating sites etc. What do you do with this trash? Why, you delete it without opening or reading it. Are you not able to exercise the same option on EP. 4.      If you don’t like a group; stay away, block the “offenders” exclude the “objectionable” from your circle. Why do you feel the need to enforce your views on the rest of EP?   I may actually agree with some of these objections but imposing censorship on one group or individual is a slippery slope. Who will be the arbiter of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable on EP. Shall we allow the Christian ultra right to enforce their view of what is the appropriate role for women on the site? Perhaps we should ban Gays or Transsexuals. How about pot users, every one knows they are the bane of society. May I add the right wing republicans to the list … I don’t agree with them at all?   If it starts where does it end?   In a nut shell EPs… get a life and stop judging others who do you no actual harm. No one is reaching through you screen and forcing you to do or read anything. GROW UP!   Shaking his head sadly, NDD shuffles off to seek solace in a bottle of red wine and some LOUD music.
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Dam!! I couldnt have said it better myself!!

The ******* govt already does not abide by their OWN 1st amendment, and we have too dam much censorship now!! Like you said...If you dont like it dont read it!