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You Can Tell From Experience

You can often tell from experience what kinds of things you might like or not like.   You might also choose to engage with the things you like and avoid those you don't. Sometimes, though, you have no choice because the thing, likeable or not, is thrust upon you.

But regardless of your preference, you can also choose to engage with things you don't like and not engage with things you do.

You always have the choice of your own reaction to things you don't like.

I'm sure that anyone could give an example of someone on E P that they see as intolerant.  The ones who are intolerant know what they do not agree with, they know what they do not like.  But they seem to continually put themselves into contact with the things they dislike, the things they hate.  And, it isn't to have a good effect, it's only to vent their spleens, to become angry, to impose their will on others.

But who are those people affecting?

Will they change your opinion on whatever subject it is?

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.  That's a great thing.

The people who are intolerant are, sadly, doing themselves no good by their intolerance.

Those people who are tolerant are most likely able to recognize it, and react by simply letting it go and moving on.  By doing that, life can be easier and healthier, because there won't be the anger that makes a heart beat faster, increases adrenaline flow, or make your mind hurt.

Some people seem to get off on anger, on blocking people, on denying in others the things that they would never give up in themselves.  And they don't seem likely to respond to anything that is overtly against the anger.

Strange that, as much as EP is for fun and release than anything else. some seem to seize every opportunity to become less free and more entangled in anger.  I saw a church sign that said "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never break"



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