Life Is Fragile But Love Is Sturdy.

I recently had a patient who was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).  Dosing chemo for her has been difficult since her pharmacokinetic profile is a bit wack.  I realized that life is fragile but the parent's unconditional, unwavering love for their daughter was indestructible.  And I smiled in the face of death when I see human love in action.

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Satan sometimes targets the innocent and best people to try to defeat God's plan for humanity, and because Satan hates humanity in general and especially hates people who bring others closer to God, such as certain musicians.

Well, I do work for a Catholic hospital, TinyTurtle, and I'm a Catholic. Catholic hospital is unique in how it was run. There's a morning prayer lead by a nun or a priest on the speaker. Believe or not, those morning prayers helped me to focus and calmed me down. So, I guess depending on your spiritual life too. Guess what? our hospital is always full yet people refused to go to other hospital in the same area. You do what can possible be done medically, but ultimately I think it's God's plan.

Have faith, sunshower924. I've seen a lot in my life of work and it sort of gave me different perspectives on things. No matter how things screwed up in my life, I'm thankful for still being healthy and having the opportunity to deal with them. Slowly work things out and if the problem is too great, ask for help or divide them into smaller, manageable pieces so you can deal w/ them :)