I Know He Is

with all that has happened to me ,i know god must be watching over me.i just hope i am worth it.and thanks lord.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

i know god watch over me well i jump out of a car for a dumb reason but as i jumped out something in me had me yell no and the car ran over my arm but it should have been broken but it was just scratched and brushed and there a time when me and my grandparent almost die in a car crash all i came out was with a scratch and the car behind us just keep flipping but something told me to stay down don't lift my head up i was a sleep in the car that why i was laying down at first but when i was awake *** soon as it was happening something made me feel like i was going to be alright and that i was safe and no harm was going to come to me and when i hurt my ankle i just stared up at the roof and said i love you god and i felt my ankle healing when i flip my bike and i mest up my foot and leg was ablle to walk home with out my foot hurting at all when i was little i was always fall out of my bunk bed unharmed it like someone set me one the floor

Oh, ghost, you can't even know how much He watches over you. The day you were born, He sent you a guardian angel just for you. There are also more available. He loves it when you have faith in Him. He wants to be involved in everything you do. You can ask Him for angels to war on your behalf, guard and keep you and minister to your needs.<br />
This morning at church, I saw angels going up and down and spinning around in our church. I also saw and heard warrior angels marching down marble stairs with no railing on it. I know it sounds freaky but true. Usually every Sun. I see the dancing angels at church, but today was the first time I saw and heard the marching angels. As they came down the steps, they split into twos from 4's down the stairs and went out of the room and out in to the community and up on the roof of the church.<br />
As God He'll show you things if you want to see them!<br />
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