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I dont understand why I surprise people sometimes. I wasn't aware that I had to fit such a defined distinct mold. I think personality is too complex for that. Sure, you'll find "types" out there, people who will act and look similarly, but there's out lives and experiences that will make us unique and will shape us as we develop. All too often people will try to categorize me, see one small aspect of my personality and use it to draw a big picture that is way off. They're find it interesting when they see another side of me come out, one that I hadn't shown them yet. Depending on the setting, you can really be whoever you want to, and your behavior will change, like it or not. Sometimes these will over lap, for example, many mothers will continue to act motherly, even when their children arent around. But I've found that I could dress and speak eloquently, or I could be messy and lazy, and crack up at that sexual humor the guys are so fond of. Or I could be quiet and passive, or outgoing and assertive. I could like a rap song or a classical one. My tastes range far and wide. I really hate the question: what kind of music do you like? because I might as well list off every genre made.
I guess its easier for people to be quick to judge. Thats why first impressions are so big. But if I ever see another side to someone, I might point out that I didn't know this about them before, but I wouldn't give them strange looks or act shocked. Unless you've known someone for a long time, how can you assume you know all there is to know about them?
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I happen to know you have many la<x>yers but I also know you are a good person.

Get the word out. Maybe we can put a damper on some of the armchair psychiatrists who, upon seeing multifaceted personalities think they have spotted a disorder.

You are so correct. Most people have many sides to them. I hope yor day is going well.