If Only We Were Told That This Is Normal...

it would be far easier to understand and to deal with. I wouldn't say that I suffer from mood swings bi-polar personality or anything so drastic, but I certainly have several different sides to me. The problem is that sometimes I have an inner battle going on. One side has developed from my upbringing - being told what is right and wrong, what I should and shouldn't be doing and on the other....well, I guess that side is just me.

Who I am and what I am does not directly affect anyone, even those close to me because I don't let it. There are sides of yours and my personality that we will always keep to ourselves. The aspects of me that people see and judge is something that I can do nothing about. Sometimes I kick myself thinking 'why did I behave/respond/act like/say that then?' but, in reality, I should accept this as something perfectly natural. I can't help it. Unashamedly, honest, no strings attached, this is who I am.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

did u ever let your lover see the stranger in yourself, sorry coulnt help it, just u made me think of that song and how true i think it is sometimes, specially when the stranger comes round the corner and it looks like my husband, uhm.. smells like him, uhm sounds like him? well maybe, but nope it isnt the him i thought i knew everything about..... lol