Just Being Who I Am:)

I'm happy, sometimes sad, funny, love to laugh, hate to see others hurt or teased. I love having a good time, being with friends, being bad (in a good way), naughty, love making others laugh, not afraid to take on others pain. I laugh and smile so much that people think I'm up to something, even though I'm not. I cry when alone if the hurt gets too bad, then I move on. I love being here for my friends, family and co workers. I love being a beacon of light to others, that's my calling. Going through a lot of painful things along life's path and dealing with them at the time accordingly has taught me a lot. I learned from an early age to take a bad situation and turn it into a good one. I am an extremely happy person. Except for not having a special man in my life, but some day that'll happen. I can be seen smiling more than anything else. I very rarely ever get angry, life is too short for that. Everything that comes along on this journey I'm on, is taken and learned as a life lesson:)
justgivemesome justgivemesome
41-45, F
May 13, 2011