I Hide The Rest Of My Personality

I act different with almost everybody I know. But I never show my true feelings in real life, I always make myself try to seem bright and happy, nomatter what. I mean, I do try to be happy and have fun with my life but people don't understand that I'm not always what I seem to be. I act differently with every person I meet to try to be able to connect with them better or make them like me, because whenever I show my true self, people think im really weird XD. I argue with myself in my head, trying to decide things, almost like I have two sides or two people in my head, arguing with eachother... which when I think about it, it sounds pretty crazy lol. Most people have never really seen my other emotions besides happiness, because I hide them. But I act like completely different people for each emotion. For example, when im mad, I try to secretly take revenge, im really quiet and i want to be left alone, and I act really irritated and annoyed with everyone. When i'm sad, I try to be alone also, but nature seems to calm me, whether it be sitting in a tree (yeah, theres a tree by my house which is actually easy to climb... its a willow), sitting alone in a grassy field, or just seeking comfort from my pets. And when im happy, I act really social, I joke around, and I show no sign of who I am inside, the other sides to my personality.
Christiezx Christiezx
13-15, F
Nov 22, 2011