Thank You..

When I signed up for this website.. I didn't think I'd be able to let anything out - Like some of you have done. 
I mean normally in the "Real world" I keep my self hidden, locked away and bottled up! Which isn't entirely a healthy choice.
On here I get my own freedom of speech, without people judging me. Without people saying "Grow up woman!" Without the sly comments on how I'm an attention seeker.That is one thing I am nor never will be. I've been to a numerous amount of therapists, I've been on anti-depressants. Which I find myself lost. I guess since I have come across this website, I haven't felt better but I have felt the help from it. Knowing it's not just me, knowing I am not alone.. and that there are some people on here and in this world who actually understand what I feel and what I go through each day.
I've read quite a few stories on here and noticed how brave people are, some people have brung tears to my eyes others has just amazed me. I'm not one to normally sit there and give an essay on how I am feeling, I normally let it go.. and keep looking down at the ground. I just want to say a thank you - to those who have supported me the last couple of days. To the ones who have took the time to read what I am about - Read what I write .. and discover that I want to be heard.. I want to be listened too.. 
I admire you all, very much! You are all open and beautiful people and I now know I am NOT alone! 
BeingSara BeingSara
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2012