I Believe I'm Bipolar.

You can say I have a lot of different sides to my personality, I for one might call myself bipolar. I can be one person to someone, and a completely different person to someone else. That's just how I am.
To my friends I'm really outgoing. Haha, ask my best friend Robyn and she'd tell you I never shut up! I guess since I've known her for over four years it's easier to be myself, or at least part of my complex personality. To others, I might be extremely shy. In class I'm normally the quiet one, so I guess thats why you could assume so.
I have mood swings, but normally they are undetectable. Most of the time I'm very happy and optimistic. My friends call me out on that a lot! But if something happens, no matter how small, I can change in a heartbeat. I just go from happy to blah. It's weird because after a few minutes it just goes away then I'm back to my old self.
Also, I can be either closed off or completely open. To some people I'm an open book and I'll tell you absolutely everything. To others, I'm completely closed off, my walls at their highest state. It's weird, not knowing exactly who to trust.
I can be everything. I'm jealous, and I'm not. I'm really excited, then the feeling goes away. Mood swings? I think so. Thanks for reading!
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2012

I can relate to you. I think that it has to do with trust issues, and the fact that we may want other people to open up before we open up to them

i go through the same thing all the time. its prob just a teenager thing cuz my friends are like that all the time too. i get depressed at random times and get anxiety over stupid things, i think its just growing up