feeling rather happy today and its been too long since i felt like this! me and my girlfriend are sweet and everythings sweet! i feel alot less paranoid because of this site and the help of others! im starting to feel like myself again! i feel like i want to explore the world and become something! i want to make my family and girlfriend proud of me, i want to make something of myself! yay! im starting to look in the mirror and see myself for who i really am and its a great feeling! i hope all you lush people are feeling as happy as me today and if not, im here for you so just get in touch.. ill do my best to help you! thankyou!!!! :D BIG SMILES!!!!
aimzykisskiss aimzykisskiss
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 18, 2012

Aw, your happiness put a big smile on my face! Keep it going(:


Really glad to hear that you're looking at the bright side, keep on it...! All the best...! :-)