I Left A Man Laying In A Hospital Bed

Yes, just like the title says. I was with a man for about two years and he was having some issues with kidney stones. Let me start at the beginning, we met at work and my marriage was just ending. We got to talking and decided to go out. He was a few years younger so I was a little apprehensive, but I went out with him anyway. I had three children and he had none, but then there again I went out with him anyway. I told him I could not get hurt and that I had to be in something stable and of coarse my first priority was my boys. He agreed. So, we got closer and things were good, we moved in together. Six months later a random girl shows up at our door. I put her in her place with a few forceful words and then I got to thinking, I need to hear her side. There was no sex between then really nothing at all but she had been in our house while I was at work. I forgave him, yes I know, I know. Then there came the church group meetings, yes hind sight I should have known better. So, he left his e mail open one day and he was talking to some girl and telling her he loved her, well that was it. I was done and I was leaving. Now, all of a sudden he needed to go to the hospital I thought Well, how convient. While he was in the hospital I moved all m y stuff out drove his car to the hospital so he would have a way home and told him I was leaving him and walked away.I then moved back to my home state of Georgia.
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such an insperation to me!

You are my new hero!!!!!...way to go!

You took him his car. You told him goodbye. Its more than I would have done. If he wanted you to be around in sickness and health he needed to be faithful.

Well that's true but how many hospitals do you know of taut will let you just drive yourself home. I did that to be more of an inconvenience than anything, yeah I know not much of one but it would be very hard for him to find someone first to come get him then to take him back to get his car.

good one !

I would've parked his car in a tow away zone

Way to go!!

You are awesome! You go girl!

I think you made the right decision and as time goes by I think you will get confirmation too.It sounds like he was up to no good.I think you putting your boys first was and is the right way to go.Hope everything works out for you.Thanks for your story.

You protected your boys from a possibly nasty confrontation. Smart move.