I Feel That I Have A Lot Of Different Sides To My Personality.

Im not completely bi polar or anything but i feel like i do have split personalities. There is work me. Where im subordinate and i follow all the rules. Theres the family me where i want all the best for my family . I want my parents to be in perfect health and happiness.and my sister stress free. There is the depressed me that just wants to stay in bed and not get up for anything listen to music all night long and just forget everyone. There is the angry me that hates those that have harmed me. I want them to suffer.. to feel pain. There is the jealous me;of no one in particular but of all those that are happy and content with life and where they are. And there is the paranoid me thats just lost and sad and crazy and mean and cranky and ugly and fed up. And the forgetting me that really hopes everything is going to be ok.
LennonLover LennonLover
26-30, F
Apr 12, 2012