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This Is One Of Them: I Drink From The Jug

It's an entire way of life for me :-)
When I was young, mom gave me drinks in a sippy-cup, then eventually a regular cup, having attained the skills necessary to not pour my drink on my face.

When I became a teen I theorized that going across the kitchen to take a cup from the cupboard took too long and would cramp my schedule, and thus... I should drink straight from the Jug.  This was frowned upon at the time, so was embraced in limited instances, sadly.

I joined the military after high school and during that 3.5 year period bought only Jugs and owned Zero Cups.

Eventually I got married.  Someone thought it necessary to have 3 shelves full of cups, mugs, and liquid containers.  I could not drink from the Jug because with 'little cups' running around I should teach them the 'correct' way to consume beverages, naturally.

7 years later I was decidedly single again, and had a bit of a life rebirth.  It was a good time: spending time with the munchkins, eating cereal from a big mug, got an apartment and used the 2nd seat from my van as a couch, had zero wall deco [not counting kids paintings and such], had an exercise bench instead of a kitchen table, spent time writing music rather than buying Tampax & Croutons at the store for others, slept on an air mattress for 3 years happily, made many new friends, didn't have to tell anyone "No, you don't look fat in those jeans.", went on many vacations- got to know Chicago quite well, expanded the bond with my siblings because now I could and didn't have to clear having free time with anyone, came and went as I pleased, ate breakfast for dinner if I pleased, did away with silly things [like furniture, flour and sugar in the cupboard, bed frames, bags of potatoes, holes in walls from picture frame hangin, and toothpaste with sodium fluoride in it, etc]. 

8 years later things changed further.  Having young teens, I believed it was necessary to break the chain of uptight parentry.  And besides, I despise Croutons.

I've taught my girls that it is ok- they won't die if they drink from the Jug and I won't get the slightest bit perturbed if you grab a drink from mine if yours runs out.  My youngest makes sure she carries her own personal Jug of ice water [we drink distilled] with her anytime we go somewhere.  Sure, I've made changes: Bought new beds along the way, many shelving units, sliding tray tables, computers for the kids, large folding tables for when we play games or for homework, a deluxe art desk, so I've compromised slightly with changing needs around here.  Many kitchen implements were necessary because the oldest wants to experiment with baking stuff this winter- so flour and sugar are back in the cupboards; a drum set in the middle of the living room because they want to learn how to play, big stereo and large widescreen TV because why not!?  Kids have rooms of their own with specialty lounging chairs and stuff they wanted for their 'personal space' [in the correct color formats for each girl, naturally], art supplies, foreign language materials, a growing array of books for my avid readers, movies out the kazoo, face painting supplies, all the clothes they want (almost), and so on- because I try to be a kick azz Daddy.  I think we approach things in a fairly balanced way- coloring outside the lines the appropriate amount.  There’s a good amount of creativity here, along with hilarity, acceptance, and spelling transgressions.  We also discuss life-stuff that gets tricky, but in an easy going way.  It works.  And I still don't like Croutons.

When you step in my door you realize right away that Martha likely had more deco in jail than I have in my apartment, but there is an atmosphere of freedom here- a real Drink From the Jug vibe.  Reasonably clean with a hail mary kind of organizing sense.  I couldn’t imagine living any other way, so I embrace it.  My kids do too, and when they are with me they know their personalities can come out without anxiety that they’ll be shot down.  It’s so relaxed, and just common sense stuff without all the extra garbage that is just life clutter.  We learn together, we laugh together [ALL the time] finding humor in most situations.  It’s good.

So all this to say that “Drinking From the Jug” is more of a lifestyle than most people realize.  So go ahead, buy your own 1/2 gallon eggnog this year and put your name on it. Chug a drink anytime you want. Try something new. Color outside the lines.  Be the You that you’ve always wanted to be.  It has nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions.  Just worry less about what other people think, and be more true to You.  I bet you’ll be even happier than you are right now.  Let me know how it goes, I’ll be plenty curious about you…because…I allow myself to be.  :-)

gotsalsa gotsalsa 41-45, M 1 Response Apr 21, 2012

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lol.. very cool story! hey... my father was the same, he would drink from the milk jug. mother would buy "his" milk and one for the rest of the household. for me, yup... i followed my fathers footsteps. nothing better for a thrist then to grab the jug out of the fridge and turn it up till... i was done. *smile* it's my home, i buy my milk... so there ya go!

:D That's great to hear; so Cheers to you, MB!~