The 7 Inner *******

There are various shades of grey to my personality all vying for attention and trying to bitchslap the others out if the picture. Here are the 7 main powers-that-be of my personality:

Fluffy Cuddly Happy ***** - The face I wear at work or when with family. Sickeningly happy and complimentary, this Fluffy ***** is comprised entirely of rainbows and unicorn vommit. Unable to turn people away or say no, this personality tends to be looked down on as an innocent pushover who lives in a dream world.

Psychotic Hateful Rage ***** - No matter the surface mood, Rage ***** is always brewing and festering underneath. Everyone and everyone infuriates her and she spends her time concocting inventive methods with which to torture people needlessly. Rage ***** will be the one who imagines drop-kicking a screaming toddler out of a moving bus. She hates everything and loves nobody, though only surfaces at very rare intervals.

Overactive Crazy Straightjacket ***** - No longer concerned with adhering to social norms and ettiquette, Straightjacket ***** usually turns up after a long period of laughter or alcohol consumption. She is the largest bulk of my personality and is considerably harder to suppress, made more difficult thanks to her constant need for attention and liklihood of blurting out socially unacceptable comments. Most likely to spend the night asleep in a skip wearing nothing but a bin bag, Crazy ***** is best avoided.

Emo Depressive Empathy ***** - A common invader into reality, this mopey personality has the uncanny knack to turn even newborn puppies into something depressing. Having been the dominant personality for some years, Emo ***** isn't used to being so neglected and will emerge at the most ridiculous if times in order to establish dominance. An empath, if someone on the other side of the world stubs their toe, Emo ***** will cry their tears for them.

Artsy Procrastination ***** - Determined to somehow put her mark onto the page of history, Artsy ***** is focused solely and selfishly on her own goals and will block out every possible distraction. Stopping, starting and flipping through dozens of projects at a time, she struggles to control her temper and writers block induced frustrations.

Nymphomaniac Pornstar ***** - Feeling as sexually charged and dangerous as a Sex Terminator, Nympho ***** focuses on one thing only and is unable to compromise or think of anything else. Usually in league with Artsy ***** and Satanic *****, Nympho ***** gets what she wants and she gets it NOW. With a tedency to be aggressive and persistent, Nympho ***** can be very persuasive and a lot to handle. She doesn't always disappear easily.

Satanic Megalomaniac Demon ***** - Satan ***** is the rarest and most unpredictable personality. A cross between Rage ***** and Nympho *****, Satan ***** does what she wants, when she wants for no reason other than on a whim. Usually ending up in clubs or at the bottom of a bottle, Satan *****'s mood changes can take her in any direction of emotion, but always with the underlying characteristics of extreme violance and cocky arrogance. She leaves destruction in her wake and disregards any care for the wellbeing of others. Should always be approached with caution, even if seemingly in a good mood.
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1 Response May 24, 2012

this **** is awesome, i wish i would of thought to type out something like this... and it's very informing and bold also, i loves it! lmao =D *takes notes*

Haha thanks babes. There are plenty more in there but I can't be arsed to list them all :P