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I Share Things With The Devil......

i will narrate you a whole story about the relations i have with the other people who live in the same building with me,most of us are between 35 to 50 we should communicate well, but we dont .When i was managing the communal because its our obligation to do it, i talk to all of them private about what we must or mustn't do for to be ok with the others and above all dont disturb the others owners,especially hours that from the lawn are forbidden,i was polite with them,nice,cool,i wanted a civilize conver....................but this wasnt possible! people are not civilized they think they the one issue brought the other issue and suddenly one day as we say in Greece the glass i was walking at the open garage we have i saw signs on the garage wall with screws and some kind of metal gold signs so i told the lady who leaves upstairs of my floor about, what, we were both angry, i manage to find that the signs was because the guy on the last floor wanted to draw from the electric meter of cable to have three phace current to his home without to ask nobody like all the building was his own,he is from the beginning the''proplematic guy'' him and his family created only problems to the others shows no respect ...... As the days passed, me and the other lady dealt with this matter so much leaving our works behind that i got mad,and when we did general meeting with all the owners,nobody was talking.....[.so we may leave the guy to, i dont believe it ],  so i talked to him so bad,  offended him in frond of all, threatened him that i was going to sent him a court order, and go to his work to talk with the manager for him because he is working to the electricity company..........then the papers from the electricity company arrive in his e-mail box he got furious, he looked me and my mother wild, and now he is not talking to us at all, good for us,it was a waste of time talking with him and his wife........i believe i'm the femme fatale for him!..... ha,ha,ha!..... i enjoy it at last.....
blackweirdcat blackweirdcat 46-50, F Jun 11, 2012

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