Ever truly regret something and look back at the situation and think that it was someone else who did it instead of you?

That's how I feel about something that happened two years ago ( not really comfortable sharing the story right now ), but it is something that I truly regret and when ever I think back on it I'm like "WTF, that wasn't me!"

In hindsight I realised it was the start of my "mental breakdown." I'm not looking for excuses in the way I acted, but it is a huge factor. I know now it wasn't really me, that it was some other crazy person that took me captive and made say the things I did.

Anyway, don't wanna keep going on, just wanted to add my own experience in a personality disorder.
NoPointinLying NoPointinLying
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1 Response Jul 29, 2012

Once you recognize it, then you decide if you want to deal with it, fix or change it or keep it. Whichever you choose, I wish you all the best in getting to where you wish to be in your life.