You Think You Know Me!

This is a perfect group for me. Most everyone knows that I am usually very laid back. Each day I leave inspirational quotes on here for my EP friends, but also on Facebook, for my family and friends, because I feel like if it just inspires one person, then it was completely worth the effort!
So I can be inspiring.
My friends also know that I am a very sensual person, I love the feel of touch, love the feeling of being desired, love to be nurturing, love the feel of emotional intimacy and love erotic stories. I have very sensitive senses. Sensitive to touch, sensitive to smells, sensitive to sounds, sensitive to taste, and also sensitive to things that I see. I do not mean sensitive as the norm, but ultra-sensitive, very easily aroused by these things.
So I am sensitive.
I love sharing my feelings through stories, it is a release for me. To pen something that is in my thoughts and put them down is a very exhilarating feeling. When friends comment on those stories, it makes me feel appreciated for the effort I put into them.
So I love to write
I love the feeling of being in love. The feeling of desire, to be taken to a place of total ecstacy, and freely giving my heart and soul. No other feeling like it, to be completely vulnerable to another person.
So I love desires.
I love having my EP friends, because only to you am I capable of saying my secrets without being judged, why? Because you have the same desires, and I would never judge you either.
So I love my friends.
I love humor and intelligence. These are very important qualities to have. Love to laugh at jokes, can be somewhat of a smartass, love to talk to people who can carry on a conversation without the feeling of having to work at it.
So I love humor and intelligence.
There is one other side to my personality that most on here do not know about. I do not like to be disrespected, or snapped at, or told what to do because when this happens, the sweet, generous, loving me disappears and I have no problem putting someone in there place. Push me to that point, I have an amazing ability of making people feel about an inch tall. I reserve this for those that do not get the gentle wording of not appreciating something. So if you snap at me, be prepared for the wrath that my pour from my mouth!( you have been warned)
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Sep 23, 2012