I'm new here. So maybe I should start with who I am. If I can accurately describe it to anyone. I mean, half the time I don't know myself. Then there are days I'm so overwhelmed with knowing.
****. Lol. This is so hard.
I'm three people.
Sometimes it's great, other times I want to rip myself in three so the three people inside of me can escape and go their separate ways.

Person 1:
Why I have this person: To show the outsiders I don't know.
Personality: Sarcastic. Tough. Undefinable. Brave. Undefeatable. Confident. Unbreakable.
About: I created this person to let everyone know right off the bat you can't hurt me easily. I have walls. And locks. And no keys. I have a very tough build. I look like I could hold my own in a fight easily. My attitude and my ego in this person backs it up completely. I'm cocky arrogant and unreachable. I'm stubborn and full of willpower.
Fears: Nothing.

Person 2:
Why I have this person: Middle-grounders.
Personality: Caring. tough. Kind. Best friend. 
About: This is a downgrade of the first. This is after we're friends and I trust you. Even best friends are friends with person number two only usually. Or I try to keep it that way anyways. This is the person that shows her caring side. I wouldn't let anyone mess with my friends. I'd risk getting into a fight, getting a black eye, breaking a bone. All just to know my friends aren't messed with. I would bend over backwards to help them. This person shows some of their feelings just so their friends don't think their heartless and so they connect with them more and share things mutually. This stage only cares about others and couldn't care less about what happens to herself.
Fears: The dark, people trying to wriggle in closer, sharing too much.

Person 3:
Why I have this person: The person I love.
Personality: Weak, Broken, Full of feelings.
About: This is reserves for the person I'm with. Mainly because if I'm in a relationship where I hide everything it would never work. They're the person that sees the only side of me that breaks. That admits I need help sometimes and admits I can't handle thing. This is the most important person. Without this person I'd go insane. So because of this person and how I need someone I'm never single for long. I'm always looking for someone  I can completely open up to. Fully. That way I don't have to go insane hiding everything from everyone. 
Fears: Being alone, Overwhelming the other person, Trying to shut them out and shove them to person number two to deal with, insanity.

My feelings on all of this as a whole.
I'm weak. I've got many levels and locks with no keys. I rip myself apart each day trying to hide from everyone. I hate it but without hiding I wouldn't know what to do. I wouldn't know when to separate each person.

Well. There you have it. AlphaHunter revealed. These are all me.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

We all wear different faces when we meet different people. You're not alone there. There is a different side to all of us.

Sometimes I wonder which is the real me (among the 'masks' that I seem to wear) but one day I'll realize that they all in fact actually me :)
-ie. I once tried to become more friendly and easygoing when I used to be flustered instead, now its become a part of who I am ^_^ --> a case of the mask becoming the face? o.0