Many Sides Of Me.

A co-worker recently asked me which personality they would be seeing that day. It made me think. I always made jokes to how I am compared to a cameleon changing colors. After some self reflection I came to realize I do have a few very different personalities.

Personality 1- The cover up. In public settings and around stangers. My senses are in full alert. I am happy, calm, aware of everything. I am friendly and talkative yet only enough to get through the day without the judgement of others. I can handle extremely stressful or embarassing situations and toddler meltdowns without coming apart at the seams. This person is who most of the world knows me as.

#2- Dreamer. Looking through the world with "rose colored glasses" Not much can deter the fact that everything will work out the way it should. Calm and caring. This one was always around when I was nursing. This is also the creator, artist and the mother. I go into this state for inspiration and serenity when life becomes unbearable.

#3- Lover... Much like 2 looking through those damn glasses...Regardless of what I get in return, I will do anything for those I love including sacrificing my own life to spare theirs. This one also sacrifices sanity and health. Forgives too easily and tends to be pushed around. This personality has been used and abused way too many times. I don't usually like this one because of this. Still it is part of who I am.

#4- The goddess... This is the more jaded side of me. I think it came out after #3 couldn't cope with the abuse. When in this state I am sexy, strong and in charge of it all. There is no fear and no weaknesses. I am detached from feeling.There are no loyalties, no rules, and no consiquences to my actions. I simply do not care what other's think and I do exactly what I want without regard. I tend to get into a little bit of trouble with this one. Confessions will be mostly from this side.

There are more but I think this is enough for now... I will say however I am a little freaked out putting this truth out there in the world. Like I said most people only know #1...
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I hesitate when I see someone use the term 'different personalities.'

Facets. Qualities. Have you considered those words instead? I see favorable things in all the 'personalities' you listed. Blending them all together makes you unique. Seeing them as separate detracts from the whole that is you.

Be good with yourself and surround yourself with others who do the same. Peace.

Please take absolutely no offense 2 this but besides mental illness running thru my family; I truly believe that we all have different personalities, so I do indeed understand how u feel! I'm here 4 u! Sherry

Miachele, hi again! I just came on myself; I will deff have @ say that coming on here helped relieve my depression just a tad & I know things can't get any worse rite now...