Totally This......

People judge by looks, we all do, even me.people see me as very sweet, quiet and kind of weak. Someone who hasn't got much grit I guess. At times I feel like people put me in a box and put limits on me.
There are other sides to my personality rather then just being sweet and nice. I would like to think I am strong, more wise then people give me credit for as well as a lot deeper. I also know I am a lot more complex then people could ever imagine. They think I am happy and always calm but they can't see the storm that is going on inside me and in my eyes. They assume I never lose it, never have meltdowns and am forever calm. It just isn't true. I look young and am tiny but I think a lot older and more deeply then others my age. They don't know my past, what I have come through to get to this point. I guess the lesson learnt is never assume you know a person and never assume there is just one layer to someone. There are many layers to a person and I guess we have to select carefully who we reveal these too.
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2 Responses Jan 3, 2013

I don't think you are weak. You are human. I understand thinking deeply, I do it often.

Yes. I am similar but completely different.

Jenni, you are very wise and very old for your years. There will be a special person that will see this about you very soon...and they will understand these things about you without your having to say a word! I know it. You'll be amazed when they mention that they "get" you...Don't feel alone because you aren't, Someone very special is around the corner, don't miss them and do not be shy to notice them when they show up!!! xxxxxxx