A Duality In Several Ways

I believe that most people have a sort of duality. It doesn't matter if your talking a good and a bad side or a masculine and a feminine side. We all have both of each, only the degree varies.
I know that I have a good side, the capacity for true empathy and compassion. I also know that I have a bad side, the capacity for hate and rage. I know that I have a strong masculine side, although I am not that macho. I also have a feminine side, I am not afraid to express it.
I truly enjoy intelligent conversation and yet I also like simple crude and morbid humor. I love museums and fine art, yet I also like watching violent movies and football games. I like spending time just chilling with my friends and yet I also truly enjoy being alone.
I have several different sides that you would think would be at odds with each other. Yet together, they make me the man that I am.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Jan 9, 2013