The Me's

i have not been diagnosed with any personality disorder. but im a bit crazy. but half the time i dont mind it, half the time i do, and most of the time i live in a world i create in my head, been doing that since childhood, i guess as a coping mechanism. you know abusive crazy *** parents and all.
one part of me is nice and sweet and wants to be the mothering homemaker wonderful person. and that is what i am now. and doing good at it.
but part of me that is evil, and wants to be bad, and a tease and a cheater and dark. - not in an abusive to my family sort of way,
but in a very frisky with men sort of way.
i hold her back, sometimes not wanting to, but i do.
i call her the darkness.

when really all she is, is the old me before i settled down and had a family. the old wonderful deliciously evil me. masked with innocence.

i write poetry, its all dark. that i guess is one outlet.

always a struggle of who am i.
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OOOOUUUU, Like them mysterious on the dark side