My Sides

I have many different sides to my personality.. and they aren't your everyday feelings.. They are different and it all depends on whether or not i get out of bed on the right side or not.. These are the only emotions i feel..

Severe Excitement- Being overly happy about the smallest things that pop out in front of you..
Example= I get to pick out the family fish from the pet store.. YAY!!!!!

I will Kill you anger- Greatly angered and able to strike at any moment
Example= Don't touch me or else..

Brutal Embarrassment- Having the feeling of a million eyes watching you and you can't visualize them in their underwear soon enough
Example= Curling into fetal position and hiding under a desk..

Bone Fracturing Depression- The feeling of sadness or loneliness
Example=No words can even begin to explain the pain.....

Superduper Hyper- Wont settle down no matter who is trying to calm me down..
Example= Jumping over the couch running up and down hallways and talking crazy..

These are my many moods..
HeartAndWings HeartAndWings
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013