I Don't Know

if I really have multiple personalities, or MPD, or whatever. I used to hear voices, I'd name them, and sometimes the voices spoke, but I was always there when they did. They liked my friend Amme a lot. They'd always speak whenever she was around, mainly when we went swimming at night. Ame' didn't really like Ney, but Ame' was so pessimistic and Ney is hyper a lot. Kitten and Ney got along great, since Kitten was so innocent and childish.

 Now, the voices are gone. I still hear them every once in a while, when I'm depressed or stressed out, but they're faint, like a whisper. I think my Mum is happy they're gone, makes her feel like I'm a little less weird or something. -_-

Valeriance Valeriance
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 13, 2008

Kids made up imaginary friends and its normal however in adults its their way of running from problems or sadness. Those voices are what you wanted to hear, and its like having your own world. I think it will be good for you to have real friends:)

Actually, hearing voices is schitsophrenia. It's a section of the mind created by kids to feel wanted and like they have more friends. Did you by chance see shadows and glimpses of dark flashes by perifrial vision as well? If it was mpd(multiple personality dissorder) the shadows wouldve looked more like actual people. Past experiences and diagnostics towards myself has showed me the difference. Also if it was mpd, you'd have blackouts mentally and wouldn't be able to tell what you did between particular times. They can be fun as well.

I think that so long as u like them and they like u, then be happy with ur voices! And wierd is AWESOME!!!!! lol, goodluck!