To start I'm 23 years old. This month marks my the two year long learning journey. I never went to school as a child, in fact I've never been in a school period. My family tried home schooling me but we never really did anything, my aunt who passed away six years ago February 2nd- she (who was like a mom to me) taught me addition in math and after that nothing. I was told when I was a child that I was Dyslexic "Ok I've heard of that " I thought to myself. They said Well in my case I couldn't learn thing's maybe not anything. So I've always thought I couldn't,that I in someway didn't get to have the ability to learn and it seemed EVERY THING involved some kind of reading or writing, yes even sleepover games . I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I couldn't do anything or know anything, so I didn't do anything with anyone. No parties, no sleep overs, no girls nights, nothing. When I could never do anything or get a good job I thought I need to do something, this was two years ago. I went from place to place looking for help, some would just stair at me after I'd told them my story, most said I was to far behind "we can't help you". I was a young girl sitting in my car sobbing crying after hearing no, no, no. I had just one more place I could try, so I got myself together and went, I was talking to a women who didn't seem hopeful, but a women called Linda Baker overheard and said I have the time I'll work with her! What takes most people 12 years in school to learn I've done in 2years. From adding and subtracting mathematics to geometry mathematics, reading and writing and every thing in between. This women Ms. Linda Baker has taught me everything. I now know all my letters in English, Spanish, America sing /A.S.L, French and Myanmar. I can write and read anything I want to, and I have a G.E.D and that's something I never thought I'd have or get in my life!
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Ok this is the perfect website for you-https://www.khanacademy.org/....never too late to learn all you want and it is free these days.That website takes you from the simplest things taught in school al the way through college.All for free.I hope you take advantage of it.

You are only held back in life by your own fear of failure...for some of us,that fear becomes the leading factor in our lives, for one reason or another ( a brain injury in my case) I remember the open, outgoing person I used to be...but I can't get her to come out and play anymore...and that makes me sad. Baby steps...