I Am Original, Unique and Conscientious....

i believe that each person has their own unique personality.  i found out that i am original, conscientious and understanding with this great site i stumbled upon called signal patterns.  i got a really different perspective on my quirks! apparently there are over 90 different traits so no two people are exactly the same. i loved it! http://www.signalpatterns.com/invite/accept/2128804535

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1 Response Nov 18, 2008

It seems natural to seek out a better understanding of ourselves! I enjoy reading about personality traits, true colours and "types of personalities"! Have you heard of something called TRUE COLOURS? The theory and application of this personality analysis is really enlightening and very accurate for the most part! Sorry I am not aware of any official site for TRUE COLOURS, but I'm sure one can be discovered on the web...Thanks for sharing the info re signal patterns...I'm on my way!!!