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I feel this crazy energy deep inside of me. I don't feel it all the time, but when I search for it it's always there. I don't know what it is. I am generally a very calm, caring, and empathetic person. But when I reach inside myself to feel this's like I'm two people. This energy feels like raw power, it makes me want to fly, run until my feet bleed, scream, laugh myself crazy, beat the heck out of someone, change the world. I don't know what this energy is. Is it power? Could I use it? Is it just a feeling? This energy makes me feel like I could do anything if I only knew how to harness it. It also scares me a little. I don't think I've explained it very well, but this is the best that I can do. I really dislike talking about things like this for fearing of being branded some sort of new age silly person. But I kind of just wanted to get this off my chest, as I've never told anyone about this strange energy before.
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I feel the same.. Everytime I am outside i just want to slide across the hood of every driving car out there! and u know, jump from buildings to another. :)

I feel the same I feel there is something in my life I'm missing that I have to do something that there is something special about me that I'm supposed to know but I don't , when ever I watch a move like anything like a Mermail , spy I feel like I can do that but I don't know how yet I'm 15 11/08/98

my phone is being retarded so this will be quick i feel the same way and this is totally risk but we should make a group share experiences and figure whats going on inside us. My skype is skitty.kirkland add me and we can all talk together its been 3 years sense original post maybe the older ones can help us younger ones. I am 15 born july 12 98

i just came across this and im kinda shocked that i am not the only one, im 14 my birth day is Feb/07/2000. and this started when i was about 11-12 and i was a bit scared and curious to what this meant, if there is a higher purpose to this, and like some of you people i've been looking for answers. i feel energy and i can control it, sometimes i even feel air coming out of the palms on my hand and make what feels like when you put a positive side of a battery in front of a negative side there's like an invisible bubble, sometimes i can make that in my hands as well,its incredible, ill be more than happy to help, but this has also given me a "dark side" when i get angry, i dont get winded, i do things i had no idea i can, its like a huge adrenaline rush but more. I've tried to ask my friends if they've felt it and they look at me as if i was some sort of alien, so i asked a teacher that knows about spiritual things, so he said it might be "ki" or "chi" and i should choose a martial art and it does help control it but i guess everyones different , message me or help if you want to find out more:) PS: we should definitely create a group

It's awesome that I'm not the only one that feels like this. Its always there, probably contributing to my feeling of being "caged" as I don't understand it or how to release it. I'm currently in the height of the energy just wanting to burst out of me. I'm usually a reserved and keep to myself type that's why this energy scares me sometimes. It's interesting that many who also feel like this also have a may birthday mine is the 24th. I'm a good person but I do have a dark side just like every one else, I'm scared that if this is released I'd allow my dark side to come out. I also feel like its calling me to do something, in which I have no clue as to what. It's hard for me to really describe, which is why i really haven't said anything to anyone as i don't want people to think of me as needing mental help or something weird.

I have been reading the responces ppl write and I realized we are all young men there are no women or older men and I wonder why is that did something happen to them or did they ignore it and it faded

im 17, i read most of the comments and i can't explain to you how happy it makes me knowing that im not alone. I'm very calm, non violent person and i love making people happy but sometimes i get this fire in my chest and like alot of you i chaneled it into sports but in football i turn into a completly different person its the only time i can unleash all the power i keep in my chest. i dont wanna sound stupid, but it changes me into something, a monster kinda. I'm constantly fighting depresion and horrible anxiety and I'm constantly searching for a reason for this feeling that somethings gonna happen it eats at me from the inside out. but most of all i fear it, it honestly scares the crap out of me it gives me the strength to push through anything that i may face but it also consumes me its like a dark entity that wants to take over. i dont like to think of him as a demond but idk what it is... ******* scary

Well all of you my names Rashaun Robinson and I've felt what you've felt all of my life I'm 24 and I've spent lots of money talking to psychics and all who can help and we are all blessed with these gifts but if we don't get off our *** and figure out what each of us are capable of than that feeling that I know all of you have about something bad is going to happen we won't prevent it. Yes the energy is the now harness it form it into your hearts desire recently I channeled it all around my arm and felt swirls if power and I digged deeper and put it all around my body now believe me or not I don't care but I started to actually levitate and once I master it I'll fly all accords the world and show ppl how great we really are

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I feel exactly the same, I have never really known what it was, but i really did feel as if i was alone in feeling this way. as i kept reading mnay of these comments, i realized we all seem to have the same personality traits, and im wondering if its something a little bigger. I KNOW we are different and i am wondering have you guys known you were different from a very young age as well? im 20. but i know this isnt a little phase or something i know its like raw energy i just wish i knew how to access it.

You are gifted remember that and are never alone I know you always feel lonely and yet you also feel all of our power because are energies are connected so show no fear master your gift and remember you are far from alone my family

can you tell me what you mean by gift? I want to learn how to master this... could you possibly help?

Ok I can elaborate but what I need from you is your full attention for the next 5 mins from what I tell you so if you got Skype it anything like that hit me up rashaunr and I'll explain all

Ok just added you now you get on and let's get to it simple

Ok I can't wait forever so maybe some other time but maybe you don't really want to know what this is but I already do so take care and hope u the best with it cuz I'm not feeling that determination for it this is the most important thing in your life you should b begging for this advice but I can't help someone who doesn't want it bad enough I can't coach someone who kinda want it good luck

I do want it, im so sorry my power went down last night im at a cafe now. i can be focused and i am VERY determined

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:) Great :D I am so happy that i am not alone :D Well by the way i am 23 yold and have tried many sports and some prof. fields and have to say that for a year or two i left this "heart-power" feeling cause i had to listen to the nature, my professors and bosses and acquire and understand one different point of view. Regretfully i guess i overdid it bcz this type of behaviour left my life without the passion i previously had. Now I am back to it because it felt like my heart was calling for me and had to change my professional/career path and way of living lets say. Still I am not sure where this is going to lead us all but hope and heart should guide and help us thrive :) Thank you for the great page and for Your empathy!

:) Great :D I am so happy that i am not alone :D Well by the way i am 23 yold and have tried many sports and some prof. fields and have to say that for a year or two i left this "heart-power" feeling cause i had to listen to the nature, my professors and bosses and acquire and understand one different point of view. Regretfully i guess i overdid it bcz this type of behaviour left my life without the passion i previously had. Now I am back to it because it felt like my heart was calling for me and had to change my professional/career path and way of living lets say. Still I am not sure where this is going to lead us all but hope and heart should guide and help us thrive :) Thank you for the great page, Your comments and Your empathy!

I always thought I was the only one who felt this way, few days ago I started to feel what each of you felt, suddenly decided to Google it and found your story, I'm really amazed, apparently we all have the same personality, I can not express myself very well, since English is not my native language, so I still feel the same as you, we should create some sort of group or community.

I'm 18 yld by the way.

i agree with you
we really should, even if its just to see how many of us there are. im so happy to find other people with this, i thought i was the only one

I'm 18. The feeling is weird. It's like I have this pressure surrounding my heart and sometimes I feel it in my hands. I also spontaneously and involuntary think of phrases which sound ridiculous at the moment and out of context and then, someone says the exact same thing. It happens to me everyday. Also, I know this is going to sound crazy but I feel a certain power grow inside of me when I'm next to fire or water. No, I can't control the elements but it feels comfortable like I'm recharging my energy or something. I knowing I'm sounding stupid but it's the truth.

I feel the same pressure around my heart and hands! wow I thought I was having an anxiety attack or something (though I don't have anxiety) and I also feel recharged around fire and's so strange that someone is feeling the same way I am.

I get this same feeling sometimes it is unprovoked. Like just now in the shower I felt it coming on and so I got out of the shower, did some push ups and Googled it. It scares me sometimes, like I am not in control. What is this feeling?

It's actually very interesting you and I share a common gift what this "raw energy" you have is purely willpower. When you tap into this you are reaching into the energy that drives you, your "fire" is stronger than others and most may not understand what it actually is. The fire inside grows when you do something you love or are a part of something you feel passionate about. My example was when I played sports I found the connection and it would surge through me during the game and stayed for the whole thing where as normally I can have it for only a couple of minutes. As for harnessing it there are two ways: meditation: try to reach towards it practice controlling it in a calm scenario and through physical work it couples extremely well with adrenaline. I will give one warning though be careful of burnout. While using this makes you feel almost invincible you may lose control of your emotions and also experience fatigue afterwords, meditate before using it and be careful of how many times you access it.

I've always felt that way, when I get too angry I feel a sense of destruction... I feel like I'm meant for something big. I'm 13, my birthday is on June 17. I was born in the year of the dragon... What specific dragon I don't know... I think it was the Gold Dragon. I'm stronger than many people, actually it takes more than 5 girls of my age to knock me down.

im 13 too but my birthday is 7 days b4 u :)

Holy **** i posted b4 bout i feel like a demon well my room witch the lights where on and door open so im bored thinkin bout

Well this is the first time on this site probly the last just to say i understand what your feeling but with me im probably just insane or something but its like there is another person inside of me when i feel this power i dont think like a normal man but more like a demon i guess would be the only way to describe it but my friends say that i scream phrases like if it happens and i had a knife at the time granted i blacked out so i have no idea if there just pulling my leg or what but i always say "I am the butcher who wants a slice" or i silently punch something repeatedly im thinking i might have some kind of split personality thing but it only happens when someone hurts my friend

READ THIS PLZ : Hi all, I have never thought that one day I would come to this... What can i say, I feel the same way, i won't lie, I have tried to the same with my arms, like tried to control this power inside me, I feel this energy and self confident when. i usually listen to music, especally rock music, it may sound stupid and childish, but i feel like a devil like a daredevil, like a GOD, something like that, funny thing about it, my favorite color is RED, I like fire, I'm
born on 12th arie.It's really hard to explain. I'm 18, it happened before when i was younger, sometimes i feel pissed and angry at my family with no reason, sometime i just want to destroy things, yeah i know it sounds crazy, well i have no idea what it is but i know i have something inside me, i feel fire inside me, sometimes i feel like i'm on the devil side, i feel strange, hope i'm not crazy ;D Guess i'm not the only one in this world who feels this way.

Those like us are what this age remembers as "Dragons". They aren't extinct, they simply took a different form until a time when they could once again be what they were meant to be. We don't just believe or experience the things we do because we're idealistic and haven't grown past the imagination stage yet. We are specific souls sent to earth during a specific time.....for a specific purpose. We should feel unique, different, every single person on the planet is. That you can feel this energy, or understand what the other posts are talking about doesn't make you any more special, or any better than the next just means that more will be expected from you in the future, that your time on earth will be different from the many. There were many species meant to live on this planet with us and humanity has destroyed more than we can remember. Our collective memories are very short term, human beings need a reminder...a wake up call. We need to remember why it is that we spend time on Earth. Before there isn't an earth to spend any time on.

We were all born during this specific time because the world will change soon. Many people have posted, feeling that something is coming, not being able to explain why they feel like something inside of them is waiting to be released, waiting to get out. There's a reason we feel that way, something is. It just isn't allowed yet. I think most of the things we feel, the energy, the unexplainable feelings that just make absolutely no sense right now. The ones that make you turn to medication and doctors because the anxiety, depression, and every other "label" out there finally wears you down enough that you just fall in line. I think those are are reminders we were sent with to help us each find our own answers. It's like a constant poke in the ribs to remember that there is so much more than society would like us to believe.

I know it sounds completely out there, but so is this "energy" we all feel...there's a reason for it. It just isn't time yet to do anything about it. I don't like that answer anymore than the person who reads this. It's my understanding and belief that the frustration, the unknown, the anxiety, all of the side effects that we experience will be more than worth it in the end.....but hey....I don't think that just because something is fits for will also for you.

Don't stress about it so much, enjoy what you've been given, definitely do meditate and try to be more introspective. Do your best to lose the "I'm special" mentality for anyone who is holding on to it. Anything you have, anything you isn't because you were some super amazing whatever. Our gifts are meant to be shared with the world. They don't make us any better than those who don't share our experiences. That IS part of the youth thing, we all want to be special, to be unique and different. If you're reading or replying to the OP's post you likely already are, anything else you need to know is inside. Spend some time trying to find it. You weren't sent here to cope with this without a single thing to help you, as absolutely cliche as it sounds....look inside for the answers....I promise they are there.

Love your response, maybe this isnt the right place to say this but I had mushro tea also asking questions to myslef. Much stronger answers honestly.

Lol i only had mushroom tea once apparently i was beating up my friend tyler with a spatula screaming something about "i shall slay demon in the name of the king" and thats when my friend ryan knocked me out with a chair not kidding you wtf was i thinking


How do you know any of this? I only ask because it sounds crazy but yet I identify with it to a degree. I just don't want to be alone anymore with this and I am always looking for answers.

well...this explains why dragons have existed in every worlds culture even in china before the european people discovered it. and if we are dragons it would be AWESOMESAUCE!

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i thought i was the only one who has this feeling, they are many time i just cant explain the feeling that i have inside of me, its make feel different from other or make me wonder if iam the only one going through it

Famous "Bipolar" people:

You can control your energy and mood thorugh meditation...ask me for that.
We are one.


here's the answer.....we are not bipolar...also because I always feel happy and energetic...and never depressed. Do not take any medicine...that will put you back to sleep

Medicine call it bipolar disorder, without knowing where it comes from:
In reality we are just awake, and they want to push us back to 'normality'

I just feel the same... i always thought and felt that i am different than people, always felt that i can do more, i have the feeling of energy inside me .. i always have it i try to use it but when i do i just wanna run or do something i cant stand still. i think i wanna harness that power inside me but i never have been able to do it. It just makes feel uniqiue and special. I am not an selfish ******* that thinks he is the best , I just know inside me that i am different with the energy i have inside me. I tried transferring the power to my hands ... i felt it in my hands but nothing... just nothing.. i do know that i habe some power but still i do not know like all of you guys here how to control it... sadly :(

randomfish I understand what u feel and why. I have mastered dreams and understand what sleep paralysis is. Had it once and since then I understood what we all call dreams. To control your dreams is to understand your soul form and master it. once your back in your body you can still feel your soul as if your still dreaming and that makes you try to use the power from with in. I know of this power and have tapped into something over the years of testing what my soul is capable of. I have had visions that came true and over 7 out of body experiences. I also have been given signs while awake of thing happening and coming true. I feel like I'm one step away from changing everything.

I know exactly how you feel. I've been feeling the same way, and no one can explain it to me. it's always, "oh it's hormones", "you'e just imagining it", or "you just want to be something you're not." But, I feel it all the time. I feel like I have this power and can harness it, all I want it for someone to teach me how, or tell me why I'm like this, but I haven't found anyone yet. I'm 18, and have been feeling this way for as long as I can remember. But, I feel like if I don't figure it out soon, it'll go away.

Hey! I just read this post because i feel the same way. I feel like I can build up power from deep inside of my body. I usually take advantage of this when im working out and almost out of strength left. It's really hard to explain but i just focus hard, and I feel this huge amount of power building up and I feel like I can discharge it through my arms and legs.
Sometimes, I stand up, try and buld up the "power" and punch through the air as hard and fast as i possibly can and it feels much more powerful than any other punch or whatever. Im sure im not the only one though

I have been getting this feeling for awhile now...and it feels amazing....just recently i got a phoenix tattoo on my back and i ve been feeling really charged, like extreme mental strength and confidence and control is trapped inside me. Weird enough it made me think of The Rise of the phoenix in one of the X Men movies when Jean Grey pretty much uses all of her mental power all at once....i feel like that. Im also ordinarily very calm and collected. I think there is similarities to all of us but like some of you havent been able to put it all to good use.

Hey the same thing is happenin' here. In december i turned 13, weeks later on new years eve on the second it turned 12pm (Or is it am?) I wished my true power would awake and from then on strange thing have happened. 1. My sences are alot higher than normal. 2. My brown hair has turned black and my eyes are yellow/green and look like cats eyes. 3. I am stronger than ever, i got in a bit of fight and my punch almost broke the persons hand and i put zero effort into it.

how did you awaken it!!! just by asking??? try using it feel it go through your arms and out of your hands to where you need it like on something that you want to use it on it works for me i am also 13

I feel special, like there is some certain uniqueness about me. I feel like i'm constantly waiting for something to happen, to unlock whatever this is inside of me, Im 17 now but because of this since i was young i was such a adventurous, happy, optimistic person. I grew up with my mom who didn't care about me, and was on drugs, same with my dad. So i had to fend for myself since i was like 6 , this didn't bother me at all, because of this big ball of energy always kept me Joyful and made me always look forward. I grew up in the worst part of NYC (South Bronx) and i was never scared. Like something was protecting to me. I was in shooting crossfire many times and bullets whizzed by my head numerous times. This "Thing" inside me makes me Happy even in the darkest points of my life, to when my parents were doped up, to when i would get beat with a rolling pin by my dad. This energy or this inner part of me made me a really good person. From the neighborhood i came from, from my domestic problems it made me a strong, good person, hopefully one day i can unlock what it is to its full potential