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Raw Energy

I feel this crazy energy deep inside of me. I don't feel it all the time, but when I search for it it's always there. I don't know what it is. I am generally a very calm, caring, and empathetic person. But when I reach inside myself to feel this's like I'm two people. This energy feels like raw power, it makes me want to fly, run until my feet bleed, scream, laugh myself crazy, beat the heck out of someone, change the world. I don't know what this energy is. Is it power? Could I use it? Is it just a feeling? This energy makes me feel like I could do anything if I only knew how to harness it. It also scares me a little. I don't think I've explained it very well, but this is the best that I can do. I really dislike talking about things like this for fearing of being branded some sort of new age silly person. But I kind of just wanted to get this off my chest, as I've never told anyone about this strange energy before.
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I know what you mean I feel this.. We need to make use out of it.. Don't let it go to waste it's a gift..

i feel the same for me it feels like it keeps building inside me also is it the fear of hurting those close to you.

I would like to know if this is still something that is being discussed. Some of the users below, such as TheGarrettFell, talk about creating some sort of discussion group. Did this ever occur? If so might it be possible to get details?

i feel it too, i feel its some form of power that us empathetic, loving people feel when we feel maybe to much, i want to change the world, i want to get behind everybody who has this feeling and we could use our energy together to make the whole world a happier place, thats what we need :)

I'm the same way... It's so hard to find people that feel this... I want to make good use out of this energy I carry... Maybe put on a show?

I feel the same thing , since I was in pre k , now im in 8th grade and the energy feeling is hard to control

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Wow, I'm so amazed to meet people who have experienced this as well! I've only felt it in the past two years, but its as if a white star of energy is inside me. I originally utilized it to sense other energies and people; and I began experimenting in out-of-body exploration and am still developing it. This past year, I've discovered I can control my body temperature as well. If I'm freezing or too hot, the energy begins pulsing throughout my body and balances my inner temperature. With this revelation though, I also have bouts of wild/feral energy that's hard to control. My senses increase, I get stuck in a simplistic mindset (food, explore, run, mate) and I feel so alive, like I could run down prey and eat it raw, and I become hyper-aware of my own body. I have a feeling what we all are experiencing is remnants of our ancient ancestors; utilizing our full "Sixth Sense" to "survive". We are just more in touch with our inner senses that nowadays, humans ignore due to security in modern society . Its strange, but intriguing, and I look forward to learning more.

I know exactly what you mean. I started experiencing this at a very young age. I had a feeling for other people auras, also I could locate their pain and "heal" it.But I gave up on it for a long time. Last summer however I started to experience it again due to my work (opera singer). When I was on stage I could suddenly feel raw power flowing through me. First I thought it might be adrenaline rush because I released it in form of anger on stage. (Later I called this phenomenon - modus)In autumn I experienced alot of love. I felt like me and my love were really close and unexpected this feeling of flowing energy came back, but in way that allowed me to gain further control over my body, I also felt a light inside me, like I was a burning star. The effects were so great that I did enourmous growth in my singing career in literally days.I was baffled, how was this possible? For more than 3 years I struggled and for the most time considered myself an average singer at best. Then everything seemed possible...This feeling of love and energy made me curious, I didn't want to lose it, so I started to use it as often as possible. I discovered that it had its limits and that most of the time my body was not able to handle it.I devided the phenomenon in stages:1. stage I consider the release of goosebumps across my body, followed by a release of the warmth in my hands and relaxation of in muscular areas (eyelids, shoulders, spine etc.). This stage is easy to activate, you just need to imagine a strong feeling such as love or hate for someone and project it on your body. For example when we are furious we get goosebumps, our eyes open up etc. So it's natural.2.

2. stage - is more difficult. One has to control the goosebumps and send them all over the body. This way I believe you open up the energy channel. At the same time one has to relax as much as possible.
The difference between the first and the second stage is enourmous. You are able to feel a flow inside of you. One can sense other people's presence even with closed eyes (even their feelings like anger, frustration, happiness etc), in my case I can also heal or negate an illness with my will.
You become happy, energetic, fast and somewhat crazy. It's like you know that you can't fail your tasks anymore.
3. stage - is really intense. Your chakra or energy whatever you call it start to run wild inside your body. You are able to draw it outside your body and it will take different shapes, constantly moving and feeling up the space around you. One is literally able to feel the energy flow through your fingers (I have shown it to many different people, so it's a fact and not just my fantasy). You are able to enchance your abilities by a factor of 1.5-3x. However it is difficult to get. A really strong feeling is required - like a memory of a real love, hate, pain or loss. This state is also dangerous since you have to open your heart and the energy will be drawn from this feeling. I strongly recommend to do it while being in a love state. My experience has shown me that this way you take the least damage by aftereffects (yes, it has some negative sideeffects). This state feels like being in love or on drugs. You have a constant high and the duration lies between 1-9 days depending on your stamina and psychological state. After that you ARE GOING TO feel a low (energy, mood, even health) and you will be forced to rest.
4. stage - I just discovered this one a week ago. Basically it's not that different from the third one: but the amount of energy released is unbelievable. The flow is literally going through your stomach, heart, eyes and can be felt by others (not only by touching). I believe you need more than one feeling to achieve this one and it drains all of your energy for a short amount of time (10 min.)

Now how do I do it? Like explained before I search for a special condition. It is somewhere between being angry and being in love (superiority or pain sometimes). You can watch professional actors to get the inspiration. Listening to dramatic music also helps alot. I prefer a mix between rock and classical orchestra with chorus. You will start to feel livid. This is a sign that you are doing it right. When you feel the goosebumps coming enjoy the sensation, try without forcing yourself to move the goosebumps around your body. It gives you a feel of control, but this is just the start. For the next step you need is to feel the flow of energy. It's easy to feel in the palm of your hands and in the eyes. Try to focus on this flow.
When you feel somewhat familiar with this state, try to move your energy through your body. Search for places that are disconnected or get in the way of your meditation. Try to activate them by forcing energy through them. You must really want it or nothing will happen. Also don't decent to far into the realm of your fantasy, all effects are real and should be felt in reality. When you relax enough, you suddenly start to breath out your chakra. You won't be able to control it (rather you shouldn't - this is what you want). You start to feel excited.
It is easy for me to test out the effects of the condition because when I sing I use the accumulated energy for expression and control of my voice technique.
You can test it out by shouting. Search for an expression that suits you and now try to shout for someone who is in another room. It's not about how loud you are, it's about your expression. You have to want to make the other person hear you, even if you say it quietly.
For everyone who wants to use it on a daily basis I recommend doing sports. Otherwise you are going to lose alot of energy and probably get ill.

I wanted to ask you about something you posted July 18. How is all this possible and why do you think its happening? Do you know more people like this who have experienced all 4 stages completely? Is this common today? In your opinion.

Dear AnnaMolle5
It is difficult for me to say how this possible and who are the people who can use it. I myself don't know anyone who uses it this way, but I only started my search (that's how I came here. It is certainly not common and unfortunately nobody has time or interest to learn this technique. I would like to teach it to more people so I can study it better from outside.
I think the origin of it lies in our animal nature. This animal rage, its energy which is supressed by our brain and is than released through controled strong emotions. I suppose you have to be a singer or have another way of precisely controlling your body.

I've just never heard anyone explain it so well and thoroughly.. Who do you think is most likely to develop things like this

I am 14 years of age male. It started when I was young and is becoming more often I can feel something inside my hands it feels like electricity or pins and needles. Also I can give myself goosebumps and when I do I feel a pulse run through my body I'm not sure what it is though?

Please tell me if you have an idea. You can use the technique I described above to intensify your impulse.
I watched a video of monks who used Qui to do impossible things with their body. I believe it is similar and can be used as a shield, pain inhibitor or for healing.

It's been a long time since I have even thought of the feelings and experiences that you guys are going through. I went through a very unusual time in my teens, close to what you guys have commented on. At first is was energy and powerful but later I learned to meditate and travel with it. I would do weird things like close me eyes and feel things around me and then walk around the house without hiting anything, like having eyes but not opened. I could focus and close my eyes, throw a dart at a dart board and get bullseyes. I would run at night and feel the power in me, It made me feel like an animal but more than that. I could literally take larger and larger strides until it made no sense how big if strides I was taking. This sounds crazy right, I know, but it is what I could do. Life went on, I got older and our society as it is pushed me away from it and I let it go. I believe I could rekindle it but it's too time consuming now. What I can say is this. If you explore and reach out you see amazing things. YOu will learn things that don't make sense until you explore them further. Today I can walk into a room and easily feel what everyone's inner self is within seconds of hearing them talk to the degree like I was their best friend and knew them for a long time. Its a gift from exploring this inner power and I love it. Maybe one day if I have time I will explore again. It's still there but I hold it at bay. I'm happy for you guys, its a wonderful gift.

This sounds amazing and I believe you. It seems the power is different depending on the character of its user.

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Dear person I have had the same experience about an hour ago the only difference is that I let it go I felt good like I could do anything my entire body was tingling with life like I just survived getting struck by lighting I felt like I was going insane while keeping my sanity I felt unhuman like I could literally move a building I felt like I could literally rip someone in half but was too sane and good to do it I felt like I had so much energy if I would of pushed it out I could be able to see I felt like a superhero like if I was able to harness that energy I could help mankind the only thing that was going through my head was if I knew how to control it so im going to do some self-research and learn to control it and if I do I will not share it online or with just anybody for If I do unlock the secret of human potential most of humanity will not be ready for it

I feel the exact same way. I don't know what it is but I feel it when I like concentrate or listen to music. I can't really explain it but it surges inside and it feels like I can actually do anything. I feel that if I train and am somehow able to harness it I could help people. Until now I felt alone and didn't know what to do but now I know I must research and figure out what this is. I have a tremendous amount of determination and willpower and I WILL figure this out. I don't know if this means I have something that makes me special but what I do know it it IS something and I can't just sit and ignore and suppress this any longer. That is what I have to say.

I feal the same way, and to be honest I'm scared some times. Because I am Able to unlock my raw energy and at a very young age to as i am only 15 years old and learned to do this at 12. I am able to see the colored auras of people and some times I can see glimpses of ghost.

I get a feeling similar to yours but with mine it feel like physical power. It feels like I could rip someone apart with it even though I'm not a violent person. It also makes me feel like I could run forever and lift things no human could lift. I can always feel it. I don't know what it is or how to use it. Because if this I started doing heavy research in the occult and the abilities humans can possess. (Before you ask, No I didn't try to summon anything) but during all my research I didn't come up with anything. I would like to know what it is and how to use it if that's even possible.

I'm so happy that ive finally found people who feel the same way I do.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I've come up with a least for myself. My name means The Flame of God, and my power feels like fire or at the very least heat. The theory that I have come up with is that based on our different feelings during these times that we are the reincarnated elemental spirits or at least they live within us, and I think(I'm not sure) that I am the reincarnated Spirit of Fire, I know this sounds crazy, but besides the power from God manifesting when we fight the last battle against Satan, this is all I've got.

We need to talk. I will find a way. Until then email me

I am a women 25 and recently I went through something unexplainable. My mlEveryone thought I had went mad or had some type of personality disorder. I just remeber an energy taking over me. I felt so alive and so awake, but an angry side took over. In that moment I was able to manipulate the we ather. If I wanted it to would rain...overtime the energy kept me up for so long people feared that I would die from exhaustion. I ended up going to the hospital. But eveeyday I think about it and before this happened all I asked was God please show me a sign. Crazy right...

Hey! My name is Garrett Fell. I know it's a weird name bear with me. I'm 18 and I've been researching what we are all going through for a few months now and I just stumbled upon this. I'm quickly able to sort out which of you are actually experiencing what I'm going through. But I would like to explore more of what we have in common. When any of you get a chance look me up on Facebook. I live in Idaho. I'm pretty tan brown hair Brown eyes. Friend me and message me. I'm starting to put together some theories. I will find out why we are here and what it is we are meant to do. But I need your help.

I've been reading the comments and I'm happy I'm not the only one who feels this, I would like to know what exactly this is though or what can I do with it.

Hey Guys. I am 19 and of your kind and i actually found some uses of that. But i dont think its magical or something. It gives you like "root access" to your mind. So you can control or simulate feelings such as warmth in zones of your body. If you want to know how to use it, contact me.

I want to add that it is not a bipolar disorder, bacause it can be controlled and has never caused any depression.

I would be very grateful if you could do that because I have no idea of how I can use it or what for.

Replied to you privatly

I am 16 I have felt this sinse of power for a very long time I am absolutly happy that there are others I always have felt alone I've only told two people about the feeling but and I have always felt like I should be able to do more but I never knew how I wanna master the feeling and use it

OH MY GOD!!!!! I FOUND SOMEONE LIKE ME!!!!! HOLY SHIZ!!! I FEEL EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!!!!! Finally. :') I have literally searched for someone like me for years.

I also feel like this, except, it's like fire, I can raise the temperature of my body, and feel the heat, and I can focus it to different areas of my body, but I can't make it materialize.

This feeling awakened during worship one Sunday, the first time I got in the Spirit, it next came when I was very angry, and felt like life was unfair, and almost slipped into what feels like an evil, supersmart alternate personality that I now try to always supress.

I almost forgot, I get this feeling when playing, but especially listening to music I connect with, and my hair feels electric, like it's standing up straight or just flowing in midair. when I close my eyes, I'm playing my guitar, and time has slowed down, I'm in front of a huge crowd on stage, and music notes are coming out of my guitar.

This is a good feeling.

I feel the same.. Everytime I am outside i just want to slide across the hood of every driving car out there! and u know, jump from buildings to another. :)

I feel the same I feel there is something in my life I'm missing that I have to do something that there is something special about me that I'm supposed to know but I don't , when ever I watch a move like anything like a Mermail , spy I feel like I can do that but I don't know how yet I'm 15 11/08/98

my phone is being retarded so this will be quick i feel the same way and this is totally risk but we should make a group share experiences and figure whats going on inside us. My skype is skitty.kirkland add me and we can all talk together its been 3 years sense original post maybe the older ones can help us younger ones. I am 15 born july 12 98

i just came across this and im kinda shocked that i am not the only one, im 14 my birth day is Feb/07/2000. and this started when i was about 11-12 and i was a bit scared and curious to what this meant, if there is a higher purpose to this, and like some of you people i've been looking for answers. i feel energy and i can control it, sometimes i even feel air coming out of the palms on my hand and make what feels like when you put a positive side of a battery in front of a negative side there's like an invisible bubble, sometimes i can make that in my hands as well,its incredible, ill be more than happy to help, but this has also given me a "dark side" when i get angry, i dont get winded, i do things i had no idea i can, its like a huge adrenaline rush but more. I've tried to ask my friends if they've felt it and they look at me as if i was some sort of alien, so i asked a teacher that knows about spiritual things, so he said it might be "ki" or "chi" and i should choose a martial art and it does help control it but i guess everyones different , message me or help if you want to find out more:) PS: we should definitely create a group

I'm having the exact same experience as you, that's exactly how I describe it, my dar side X) If you see this, contact me, my facebook is Uriah Gillespie, I'd love to talk to you and start a group.

It's awesome that I'm not the only one that feels like this. Its always there, probably contributing to my feeling of being "caged" as I don't understand it or how to release it. I'm currently in the height of the energy just wanting to burst out of me. I'm usually a reserved and keep to myself type that's why this energy scares me sometimes. It's interesting that many who also feel like this also have a may birthday mine is the 24th. I'm a good person but I do have a dark side just like every one else, I'm scared that if this is released I'd allow my dark side to come out. I also feel like its calling me to do something, in which I have no clue as to what. It's hard for me to really describe, which is why i really haven't said anything to anyone as i don't want people to think of me as needing mental help or something weird.

I have been reading the responces ppl write and I realized we are all young men there are no women or older men and I wonder why is that did something happen to them or did they ignore it and it faded

im 30 and i feel it stronger then ever i love the feeling of it traveling trough my body

What's up with this? I'm a 26 yo male and get this overwhelming feeling sometimes. An energy, kind of, that feels like its well suited to change the world or something. It tends to be unlocked by emotionally charged music, conversations, or introspective thought. This is weird that we all have the same feeling. I've always been told that I have a gift and I have no idea what it is. Also women tend to find my presence extremely relaxing or calming recently which is odd because I think I'm pretty high strung. This can't all be a coincidence...

Idk I'm a girl and I'm dealing with it too. A lot of people ignore it. I think some people have felt it and they don't like it so they do drugs... Its depressing.

Ya I should be dead to be honest.. Am I still here to make use out of whatever this is I'm feeling? Sober 2 years and I'm scared of how alive I am.. It's amazing so don't let yourself lose that feeling.

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im 17, i read most of the comments and i can't explain to you how happy it makes me knowing that im not alone. I'm very calm, non violent person and i love making people happy but sometimes i get this fire in my chest and like alot of you i chaneled it into sports but in football i turn into a completly different person its the only time i can unleash all the power i keep in my chest. i dont wanna sound stupid, but it changes me into something, a monster kinda. I'm constantly fighting depresion and horrible anxiety and I'm constantly searching for a reason for this feeling that somethings gonna happen it eats at me from the inside out. but most of all i fear it, it honestly scares the crap out of me it gives me the strength to push through anything that i may face but it also consumes me its like a dark entity that wants to take over. i dont like to think of him as a demond but idk what it is... ******* scary

I understand, it feels like a demon inside too, like an evil alternate personality demon, I myself just try to supress that burst of energy, because I've changed into that being before, I can always come back, but, I know how you feel.

I get the same feeling. When it's at its strongest I get scared of releasing it because it feels like I have a monster inside me waiting to be freed. I'm afraid that if I let it out then it will hurt someone I care about but on the other hand it also feels like I can protect them from anything. Like I could move a mountain if I wanted to.

It makes me feel like I'm not human sometimes and it feels dark.

I'm not sure if my friends feel the same way but my friends and I consider our selfs non mortal

I was just replying to someone about why a lot of people ignore it. Its depressing and awful but I think a lot of people have felt it and that's why so many people use drugs.

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Well all of you my names Rashaun Robinson and I've felt what you've felt all of my life I'm 24 and I've spent lots of money talking to psychics and all who can help and we are all blessed with these gifts but if we don't get off our *** and figure out what each of us are capable of than that feeling that I know all of you have about something bad is going to happen we won't prevent it. Yes the energy is the now harness it form it into your hearts desire recently I channeled it all around my arm and felt swirls if power and I digged deeper and put it all around my body now believe me or not I don't care but I started to actually levitate and once I master it I'll fly all accords the world and show ppl how great we really are

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I feel exactly the same, I have never really known what it was, but i really did feel as if i was alone in feeling this way. as i kept reading mnay of these comments, i realized we all seem to have the same personality traits, and im wondering if its something a little bigger. I KNOW we are different and i am wondering have you guys known you were different from a very young age as well? im 20. but i know this isnt a little phase or something i know its like raw energy i just wish i knew how to access it.

You are gifted remember that and are never alone I know you always feel lonely and yet you also feel all of our power because are energies are connected so show no fear master your gift and remember you are far from alone my family

can you tell me what you mean by gift? I want to learn how to master this... could you possibly help?

Ok I can elaborate but what I need from you is your full attention for the next 5 mins from what I tell you so if you got Skype it anything like that hit me up rashaunr and I'll explain all

Ok just added you now you get on and let's get to it simple

Ok I can't wait forever so maybe some other time but maybe you don't really want to know what this is but I already do so take care and hope u the best with it cuz I'm not feeling that determination for it this is the most important thing in your life you should b begging for this advice but I can't help someone who doesn't want it bad enough I can't coach someone who kinda want it good luck

I do want it, im so sorry my power went down last night im at a cafe now. i can be focused and i am VERY determined

I don't want to sound stupid and I'm not a violent person I like to do things a lot of boys don't do like gardening and taking care of animals like pets and training shelter dogs but when I get angry I feel like Naruto when he rages

And I feel like I have chakara pouring out of me

Yes I did know as a young age I'm 15 but as a little kid in 1st grade I was always different and the energy I feel inside me sometimes makes me uncomfortable in my body

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:) Great :D I am so happy that i am not alone :D Well by the way i am 23 yold and have tried many sports and some prof. fields and have to say that for a year or two i left this "heart-power" feeling cause i had to listen to the nature, my professors and bosses and acquire and understand one different point of view. Regretfully i guess i overdid it bcz this type of behaviour left my life without the passion i previously had. Now I am back to it because it felt like my heart was calling for me and had to change my professional/career path and way of living lets say. Still I am not sure where this is going to lead us all but hope and heart should guide and help us thrive :) Thank you for the great page and for Your empathy!