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I feel this crazy energy deep inside of me. I don't feel it all the time, but when I search for it it's always there. I don't know what it is. I am generally a very calm, caring, and empathetic person. But when I reach inside myself to feel this energy...it's like I'm two people. This energy feels like raw power, it makes me want to fly, run until my feet bleed, scream, laugh myself crazy, beat the heck out of someone, change the world. I don't know what this energy is. Is it power? Could I use it? Is it just a feeling? This energy makes me feel like I could do anything if I only knew how to harness it. It also scares me a little. I don't think I've explained it very well, but this is the best that I can do. I really dislike talking about things like this for fearing of being branded some sort of new age silly person. But I kind of just wanted to get this off my chest, as I've never told anyone about this strange energy before.
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OMG I have the sam

Same thing I can turn this energy on when ever I want it's not a tingling spine sensation it's almost like it's coming from the solar plexus chakra but I am not sure of this but I have been able to do this ever since Iv been a kid if played with it turned it on as hard as I can and it just feels like I have an extreme amount of energy coursing through my whole body and like you said I just want to get up and run a million miles a minute or explode some people may think what I am about to say is rubbish but I am into astral projection and I am not sure if it was a dream or not but astral projection is when you let your body fall asleep and keep your mind awake it's harder and easier for some people but in the dream/memory? I had trouble separating from my body and I ended up using this power to give myself an extra push to which I succeeded I am very curious to know what this is really for it may be a gift I think if we can just realize what it's for I don't want to go threw my life not knowing what it's for or figure it out too late so I will research this and see what I come up with and if I break new ground I will let you know.

Okay, it looks like we're all experiencing the same symptoms, so I just wanted to stop and take stock for a moment. Let's see:

1. there is an energy inside of us
2. with focus and practice we can move it, strengthen it, and share it - but not manifest it
3. we feel a cold rush down our spine, tingling in extremities, and symptoms similar to those of an adrenaline rush
4. the energy appears to have two parts - a 'dark' side and a 'light' side
5. It drains us when we expend it

Dark Side:
- intense rage
- violent urges (not necessarily acted on)
- urge to fling arms out and head back
- feeling of energy radiating around us
- urge to scream/howl/snarl
- increase in physical capabilities
- "lightning" feeling in limbs
- impression of being an animalistic creature controlled by base urges, battle-drunk

Light Side:
- intense joy/serenity (sometimes to point of tears)
- urge to laugh wildly
- urge to run forever/faster and faster
- feeling like you could take on the world
- urge to fling arms out and head back
- "lightning" energy contained and vibrating within us
- increase in physical capabilities
- impression of being a warrior, steadfast and fiercely alive as battle approaches

What do you think? Do you agree?

Yes I agree

do u guys believe in the zodiac?

What is the zodiac? Could you explain it to me?

well what's your birthday

5th June?

Gemini I believe look it up and see if the characteristics are the same as you


The killer? Seen a web page where there saying it's Ted cruise lol

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Hi, I've read some of the responses below of how someone think he could conjure something from his fingertips and other saying he feels electricity flowing inside him. I don't feel any of that but I too feel like there's a dormant power lying inside me and yes this feeling becomes more powerful if I'm angry. I feel like i'm special compared to others. When I'm angry there's this feeling that i could dash towards someone and just straight up kill him/her. I've never done it though. I have never killed anyone before because i still don't know how to differentiate one worth killing and one who's not. This feeling start about 2 years ago (2014). I broke a wall made of wood (not too thick but also not thin) with my bare hands. I saw the blood and pieces of wood stuck in my hand and I felt raged. I know for a fact that if I don't control this rage or blood lust, I could do things most people can't even imagine. I play volleyball to control my anger and i'd recommend others to do the same. I've talked about this with my best friend but he mistook me for a psychotic person which made me decide to say I was just joking. Whenever i get mad or excited i feel like a big amount of energy's inside me. I always try to focus this energy in my arms for volleyball practice. (Sounds lame but yea). So I don't have feelings of electricity or conjuring things, I only have this rage that makes me stronger than normal.

I've never told anyone about this an i kinda feel uneasy saying it on a public site........ But um I've had this weird kind of tingle energy (like static electricity sensation) that busrts out an ripples across my body in waves. It started I turned 13. I know that it sounds crazy but it has to be something cause over the years (now 28) its gotten to the point that it gotten stronger (past few years) an can turn on the zaps on command an actually hold that energy for a min but if im angry its goes for 2 or 3 mins an my body feels like its full of lightning. During the downtime get completely drained, lightheaded an sometimes my heart beats funny. Idk if thats from the zaps to my heart or something but In that moment when im surging with energy at its peak I feel like its the real me...... Idk.. So if anyone got any information on this crazy situation or what this is please let me know. thank you

I would like to tell you all my experience as well experimenting with the energy I was able to heal using the energy I have not attempted any major healing i.e. cancer or tumors. But I told my mom about my power and she thinks it's a God given power and we can use it for light or dark I think that is why so many people think they feel like a demon or say it's a dark energy and that they have very dark anger I belI've it's all about intent of the intention is good the result wI'll be good and vise versa but all our powers are different to some degree and some more advanced and some stronger as a result but I activated my energy and channeld it through my hands and turned it on as hard as I could until I start shaking and with my hand placed on her head I did this for maBey ten seconds shaking and my mother reported that as soon as I started shaking the pain in her neck and head completely dissappered completely and she said it was amazing and admitted she wasn't sure if I was making it up about having this energy power until she experienced this but this is not the only thing we can do as I believe this power influences all aspects of our life justwe haven't fully realized the gravity of how much someone told me about star children and indigo children and I believe there are some similarities to star children but I have no other confirmation on this than we feel distant not only from others but from the world no one completely understands the complexity of us not only because we are so complex that we don't fully understand ourselves but because we feel out of place in the world and if your are like me you don't understand why and growing up you have strived to fit in but you can never truly fit in you can only "blend" with a crowd and this gives you the talent per say to fit in and get along with any group you so choose unless certain physical trait limit you to a select few for example I call myself a progressive nerd as I can hang with the "cool" kids or the "bad" kids" but seem to have more in common with nerds cause we have a high intellect and are actually interested talking to people of the same, less, or higher intellect as things excite you more but still you distance yourself or keep friends for the fear of not having any or for whatever reason which are many but and this may not go for all of you but I have isolated myself cause I enjoy solitude after being through all emotional relationship I haven't found any female with the same intellect and interested and I'm sorry to be so niece anyone pretty enough for me to want. But ichave found many that are more beautiful souls and beautiful minds enough alike me to like just none that I want to bring home to mother per say I apologize for the lengthy post I will stop here if any of you have question you can message me on here but as I do not get on here much you can reach me more direcly on Facebook my names is Tyler Nichols my profile pic is the one with me wearing a black dc hat with green outline on the letters and a cool light effect I had gotten that made a circle around my head please only serious regards only if u come at me crazy or with be I will block u

I am very happy that i found this. For the past 2 years or so i have had this feeling of a power in me. Something that made me different or special. This feeling comes on really strong when i get mad and sometimes when i am pushed to my limit i become overwhelmed with the energy and it makes me laugh hysterically. I feel the energy in the center of my body rignt below my chest and i can focus it to different parts of my body. I always feel this energy, but when it gets more powerful, like when i get mad, i feel like i can do anything. It makes me want to hurt and destroy everything around me. At times i have taken down people much bigger than me after they pissed me off. When this surge happens i become stone cold and very alert. I become much stronger and very focused. A while bacm i found that if i focus the energy to my hands and touch someone who is in pain i can make the pain go completely away. This energy also becomes much stronger when i listen to certain types of music, especially heavy metal. I feel so powerful when this happens that i sometimes scare myself. I become very calm in times that would make normal people freak out. I also become very cocky and confident, once threatening to fight a group of about 10 people after they threw something at me. I. Not religous but i am spiritual in the fact that i beleive in Souls and psychic abilities. I also have a very strong intuition when this energy becomes strong, ie: being able to tell when someone is coming, being able to sense when someone tried to hit me from behind, also, in times like fights, i feel like time slows down and i can easily block or dodge very fast hits. Sorry if this is a little long but i want to share my experiences, and my friends and family mostly think im insane. Ive also noticed that mpst of the people who share these experiences are young (13-21)

Please reply if you know anthing more about this power, i am very curious.

I agree with everyone on here obviously there are more people with this power than I ever imagined it's made me realize that before if gotten sucker punched Im aware who to look out for it also makes me completely numb I remember getting punched in the nose once and I didn't feel a thing and it was before any type of adrenaline comes on so I know that can't be hit I remember being in a fight ie I love fighting idk y but when I punched the kid as I was on top of him I was stunned cause I didn't feel my arm move at all and it stopped me from continuing I'm normally a nice person with a big heat but I do feel a dark side sometimes when I'm angry but I don't want to be the bad guy I have great ambitions of helping people if I can use this to do so I certainly will

Weird I'm like that to, and do you feel like that energy surges through your body and it makes you feel powerful, and you just don't know how to get it out, special music helps me build this energy more and more but it never comes out , I feel like it's just waiting for a certain thing to activate. But I can't really remember when I stated getting this unique know power. I'm leaning how to channel it into parts of my body but nothing happens, I just get more power till it builds up and I try to release it. But sadly I only get exalted. I hope to master it someday cause I know it's really special. People laugh when I try to tell them, so I just keep it to my self. If anyone knows how I can unlock and tap in to this energy at will I would be very happy. And another thing I have gotten great super human experience because of this energy, but if anyone wants to know just message me or something, cause I'm sick of getting laughed at.

Weird I'm like that to, and do you feel like that energy surges through your body and it makes you feel powerful, and you just don't know how to get it out, special music helps me build this energy more and more but it never comes out , I feel like it's just waiting for a certain thing to activate. But I can't really remember when I stated getting this unique know power. I'm leaning how to channel it into parts of my body but nothing happens, I just get more power till it builds up and I try to release it. But sadly I only get exalted. I hope to master it someday cause I know it's really special. People laugh when I try to tell them, so I just keep it to my self. If anyone knows how I can unlock and tap in to this energy at will I would be very happy. And another thing I have gotten great super human experience because of this energy, but if anyone wants to know just message me or something, cause I'm sick of getting laughed at.

Certain songs activate mine also.. Does your energy feels like a tingling of static electricity sensation?

Yes but it turns into this powerful strengthening kind of serge for a brief moment and then finally stablelizes

Yes the song radioactive by imagine dragons spoke to my soul I swear lol

Hey, I'm 20, about to be 21, and I've been experiencing this since I was in 6 grade (maybe earlier but 6th grade is my 1st real vivid memory of it). I wanted to share my experience with this. It's influenced me most of my life, from deciding to take up martial arts to looking into various religions to my decision of becoming a physicist (which I'm currently working on), all in the hopes of better understanding it.
Like most everyone else, up till now, I thought I was just imagining it, that I was crazy, so thank you to everyone that's responded for letting me know that I'm not the only one. I've played with this "energy" too, and I've been able to concentrate it to various parts of my body. In addition, I can concentrate a type of force between my hands like the "magnetism" others have described. I have Deja Vu frequently and very precisely, to the point of being able to "remember" what's about to happen once it starts. At one point, when I was especially consumed with trying to figure this thing out, I learned to dip into the energy voluntarily and make it flood out of my body. When this happened I could feel the things around me within about a 6 ft radius, I think. I feel like I could've gone farther, but after some time I convinced myself to just ignore the feeling I got from time to time of immense power trying to break out of me, that it wasn't real. Lately though, I couldn't ignore it. Tonight, for instance, it consumed me. I couldn't concentrate on anything else, I felt it so strongly that I was shaking, which happens sometimes but it felt stronger tonight for some reason, like a demon was trying to burst out. It drove me to search for others for the first time because I felt that this feeling was too tangible to not be real, and if it was real, others had to have experienced it. So thank you again to everyone for responding.
As to whether or not this energy is good or bad, I can't say. I know that sometimes I feel like a demon, full of energy and rage, bent on destroying things, but I just can't fully harness whatever this is to do so. In fact, it got so bad that, at one point in middle school, I convinced myself that I had to be the devil to feel this much pent up, raging power. On the other hand, there are times when this power feels fully benevolent, like it's the most gentle strength in the world. I know many of you aren't Christian, but I am, and when I'm in worship with God, this feeling of benevolent power is so overwhelming that I can't keep it in. I shake and my eyes water and for some reason I yawn frequently, like I can't get enough air.
I don't know what this energy is. It could be any of your hypotheses really. Personally, I think we're taping into the energy and will that binds everything together, but that could be wrong too. All I know is now that I've seen this, I'm going to pursue trying to figure it out once again. Thank you everyone.
P.S. This might just be me being paranoid, but just as a warning, I don't think people should put their names on these. For one, the internet isn't safe, but also, when I feel this energy and can sense the things around me more, I feel as though there's someone else out there that is watching. That might just be paranoia or me feeling like since I have this energy I'm somehow special enough for people to want to watch me. Still, if we've noticed these things, it's not unreasonable to think that maybe others have noticed it in us as well. Just food for thought. I hope I'm wrong, but just be careful.

Just as an aside, because I'm very proud of this little achievement, I was also able to meet my wife in my dreams numerous times a few years before I even met her. This made it so I knew it was her the moment I met her. Weirdly enough, she knew too lol.

It's a major relief to find someone else who experiences this. I've felt it all my life, but more strongly in the past three years after a childhood of noise and bullying and people screaming at me, I feel like there's a black core at the heart of me. I hide it as best I can but there have been times when someone's screwed me over that I ended up ruining their life. People talk about seeing red, but this feels more like seeing nothing, it's like this blackness takes control of me and I become cruel, cold and manipulative. This "power", when it's strong, makes me want to scream and tear myself apart with my bare hands, I shake like a leaf in a storm when I'm trying to keep it down and I always yawn - when you mentioned yawning I knew that we must be experiencing the same thing. Others have noticed but they just think I'm a mean person, which is unfortunate but not the worst circumstance. I'm so young and I know nothing about how to control this power or even what it is, I'm begging for some sort of advice or more information.

I know this is a while after your reply, for someone to say something, but If it helps, I'm also a Christian; I was actually named after Saint Christopher; but anyhow I've also been in martial arts for quite some time now, and as far as feeling this energy that we speak of; I've always felt this for as long as I can remember. Now granted my body is different than than others because I am deformed ,and I have other medical issues; I still have been able to access this energy as far as I can remember.
I've also used this energy got meditation, and for martial arts, and quite actually it's seems pretty easy to use; I can choose when I want to stir or release it, and what I want to use it for.
I've also taken medical classes concerning anatomy and physiology, and others pertaining to human augmentation, and biomedical engineering. Which made me make more sense of this energy we feel, because the human body is run by electricity, which explains the one persons comment about electricity earlier; quite simply all they were doing was focusing it on a certain point in their body.
Now I haven't used it for that use, but I have used it for reducing pain as far as focusing it on a certain part of my body.
Also the reason why we can do these things is because our brain controls the electric current flowing through our body, (this may sound familiar), this has also been referred to as Chi, or Aura; it makes it easier if you think as it of unlocking more of your brains potential.
Also, (sorry for the long explanation), but as for if it is good or bad; it's neither, it's whatever you use it for- now granted if you go on Christian beliefs, it says that the devil is in the heart of all men; or if you're not a Christian for whoever may be reading this.
Quite simply, all humans have the capacity to do bad things, now we aren't ment to because everyone, wants to be happy, and have peace of mind. People are simply made to love one another, and that doesn't matter what religion. And, of course I am but a mere stranger speaking his mind but, please I implore you, use this ability that we all have discovered as a means to do good; don't give in to an animalistic instinct that is below honor , and dignity to use its in a bad way. -CLN

I actually have the same kind of ''enerygy'' the difference though is that It is waay too powerful, like uncontrolable powerful. It feels like there is a demon or a god that resides in my body without kidding, I've tried going on a few raging sprees before, and it feels like something else takes over and I'm pretty sure that when I'm in that state I can break iron with my bare hands. I some time threat people if they annoy me or something like that. So maybe I have a powerful but dark version of this ''energy''?
Btw if it is relevant, I'm a 16 year old boy.

I thought I was the only one, I am still very young and I have been diagnosed as mentally ill, I'm not though, I just get these rages of power and sometimes they're so large they're uncontrollable, I'm not saying I'm anything special but it does give me unexplainable strength and mental ability. I feel capable of anything. When I get like this I just tell people it's terrible adrenaline rushes because they're so recognisable people are actually scared of me and I don't want that. But I want to control this I want this to carry on. It feels so good even though i know it's probably so bad, please can someone help me

I had the same problem a while ago, and I totally feel for you. Over time I've learnt that the best way to deal with this is to channel the energy into something positive, like music or a sport you really enjoy. For me, it's taekwondo and sprints, both of which help me to achieve a sort of mental focus and push this pent up energy to the very limits, which tends to take care of that frantic rage as well. Hope that helps. =) Basically, just turn the energy into happy energy, even if it's still got that fierce, uncontrollable quality to it - turn it into uncontrollable joy. =)

Hi.. thank God there are out there just like me.. I thought I'm the only one that can feel this power like feeling inside me.. I can control my goosebumps at my will.. I think we can harness this power if we have proper training.. let me tell you my experience.. one day, when I'm on my way home, I powered up my goosebump thing and hold it for atleast an hour.. then I feel something on my both arms.. it is hot.. literally hot, may be around 40 to 50 degrees celcius. I thought its just in my mind but when i touched it, I can feeeeeeeeel the heat coming from it.. I was amazed when I noticed that kind of feeling and i tried it again another day.. it happened again on my both arms.. but i can't explain it very well.. do you guys have same experience?

I just want to say: thank god we're not alone!!! #sogladimalive??
So, yeah, I'm 16 and a girl, and I have this feeling too. Reading through all of these comments and seeing all these people going through the same thing as me is amazing and it makes me feel so connected to you all, even though we're probably spread out over the whole world! Can I just take a moment to squeal like a fangirl?? Cause I am on the craziest adrenaline rush right now and I just have to do something or I'm gonna go crazy but mum won't let me go for a run in the middle of the day cause it's too hot... so.... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


okay, I'm good now. Really, really good! I feel like I could take on a black belt at my taekwondo class and win without breaking a sweat or run forever or climb the outside of a skyscraper or something equally ridiculous hahaha!!!

Ooh, can I just recommend something? Try listening to One For The Money, Nightcore version. I feel like it totally embodies what I'm feeling right now, and I want to know if you agree. =)

We're going to be supernovas, guys. I know you can feel it too.

I'm the only living thing in my area with this kind of power.

I wish we lived in the same area all of us because no one here understands

I feel the exact same. I always feel like theres this huge energy inside me like something magical is inside and wants to make me into something I always feel it

i have same stuff happening to me!!! Out of the blue i wanna ask a question! how many of u are left handed people ? just a survey of my own .i am left handed and i am quite curious about left handed people.

Im ambidextrous lol but do certain things with right or left guess I'm just weird but I wanted add something on here I have always been diagnosed with adhd attention deficit hyperactive disorder cause when I start goofing around I get into a state of uncontrollable laughter but everyone loves it cause I'm hilarious but when it's time to be calm I literally can't turn it off to where I was always in trouble I thought I grew out of it but it recently happened not too long ago idk if that's part of this power or not but I believe it is

I can make my energy rise. I feel it in my hands, arms, legs. The feeling is stronger in hands. It is...tingly and some thing else. It is much hard to explain. Last night, I made my bud feel it in his hands. I held his hand, made energy rise, and he started to feel the tingles.

Not sure what this is, but am ukay with it. I would love to know more of it though, if some one can please help.


I can make my heat rise in my hands if made other people feel them before and after and they definitely notice the rise in heat

I feel as if I could conjure something at the tip of my fingers as I rev this energy throughout my body, but nothing happens. As I do this I feel might, as If I was unstoppable and invulnerable. I wish I knew, if this effect could do something undeniable.

So am i as well!! What is to be done about it ???

I totally understand!!

I believe we have forgotten our true power. We have to harness the light and the dark in equal parts. Even so the world has already begun. We are slowly progressing back to when we harnessed the power and more.

I feel the exact same way. Couldn't have said it better myself.

I feel it in my solar plexus. It's deep. It wells up like a massive raging monsoon behind my eyes.
And deeper
I was a fierce warrior full of passion and rage in another life once? I dont know where I fit in here. The amount of raw talent I have in any endeavor especially the arts is unfathomable yet I'm always cast out. Am I delusional? Or do I know what I'm capable of? Idk all I know is that it's a very deep sales red dark energy. I see it on the faces of the people looking back at me passing by. In every day conversations we are not the same. Are they afraid of me? Do they sense something on a animal instinctive nature. Can I smell there fear? I too have had incredible psychic experiences. I feel the energy also and it's heavy. I'm not sure how to use it but I can harness it. Am I different or do we all feel it to an extent?
Just a wandering singer looking for answers in world that has none.

Do you all of a suddenly get this overwhelming feeling out of nowhere, you're not sad, but something hits you so hard that you feel an instant overwhelm where you tear up and almost could cry within seconds, and it's not a feeling of sadness or anger, it actually doesn't feel like a normal human emotion at all.

I don't understand it, and I'm too embarrassed to ask people assuming that they would see me as a nut job.

I know it sounds really weird, but I have this odd idea in the back of my head (maybe blame it on Marvel lol) that I'm so suppose to or did in a past life control electrical currents or energy in general. I know this is random as hell, but I'm a jock, I mean I like superheroes and all, but never been a real comic book buff or anything so I don't really know where these thoughts come from.

I get that feeling too! It's so hard to define but I think to me it feels something like euphoria-grief-triumph and a promise. I don't know, that sounds weird when I actually put it in words, but that's just what I feel.

I too have such same experiences but mine begun with white flashes on the side of my right eye then a feeling like when u cold and u need heat as soon u near heat your body gives that charge up in sucking like feel from you hands travels through the whole body and u feel like you are so indestructible however mine seems to control me and when I get angry I shut down almost like a mortal existing without a soul the only reason for living is nowhere to be discovered such feeling helps me see everything clear and always on guard of what is to approach 5miles before it dares I already sensed it the disturbing part is that I somehow seem to regret everything I do after I complete such task I don't think its levitation nor telekinetic too I have however searched legends its called the further side unspoken mortal destruction its no gift but curse it longs to exist if u let it control u then u will rest centuries without having to fight it because once it has taken over it wishes not good but bad your powerless self seems to be its green card to freedom ... So inside you is like a dark black hole it sucks u in all the pain the past hurtful memories is what channels u to feel it so highly strong it want u to feel it, this energy wants u to act and do bad or experience the awesomeness its offering and once u give in then it works its path up to destroy u and suffer u as it has

Hello, I have a question for you. Where inside of you do you feel the energy? Is it moving through your veins, is it up your arms, or in your spine? Is it sitting in your throat? Or your heart?

i feel kinda the same like raising up from the elbows into the middle of the chest, and after that i react like having a spasm in my body and then goes away. I can do this over and over again.

For me, it kind of runs down my spine and my breast bone and then burns out into my arms and legs. It's amazing...

I believe I feel it right in the solar plexus

I can turn it on maximize it and I star shaking with energy like I'm having a seizure and when it's done I feel tired for a moment

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This kinda reeks of bullshit..

Your just the reason why we can't talk to anyone else about this stuff

This will probably be my only post. My sister, a friend, and I awoken in 2011 each of us learned to see glimpses of the far future, we felt that shouldn't tell each other about our respective paths up to a certain point towards the end of our vision, of the three of us I had the most cloudy scrying but I will tell as much as I can here from what they told me to what I've seen. To put it simply of what will happen the dimensional walls that surround our universe will start to collapse the resulting flood of energies that have been long removed from this realm will bring us to ruin as earth twists and melds with countless others, time and space will have no meaning, gods will come to re/claim new/lost lands. What will happen to us I cannot know. There will be groups of survivors; humans, evolved, mutants, monsters, demons, deamons (not sure what the difference is little sis says that they are entirely different). I want to write more but my inner selves will not allow me to do so. All I can say is that the future is not set in stone, NEVER be alone, not everyone can be trusted. And the plants sleep for a reason, even the gods forgot why.

that's intriguing. Any more of that ? please email me at motivation_within9@ yahoo.co.uk

Very well, I don't post this stuff on the internet but I have strange things happen to me to like lift a car off of a guy like it was nothing other people said it was a adrenaline rush but I keeps happening and happening I get visions too and get messages from people

Honestly I feel the same way. It's like if I want to turn in to a super saiyan and fly. But I can't.

Well if you put your hands togeather back and forth and keep doing it then hold them close but a it of a gap in your hands you can feel the energy like magnets keep playing with that energy and after a while upon can control it it's like chi and you can use it to heal others energy field around people's body

So that's what it is.... Hmm.... I've been trying to figure that out for a whole entire year....
Is it alright if I ask some questions about it with the experience project message thingy...?

Accidentally gave myself a heart attack (not literally!) doing that yesterday... I was playing with the energy trying to force it compact by pushing my hands together except then I pushed too hard and when my hands touched the energy just disappeared and I couldn't get it back for hours!! It scared me so much, I thought I'd accidently blocked my power or something! Thank god it came back today though, I don't know what I'd do without it...

oh my gods i feel the exact same way, i want to know how to harness it, i think.. i KNOW it has to be something, i can just feel it bubbling and wanting to be released, and it hurts that it is imprisoned and that i cant release this amazing power that can change the world, we should talk sometime, we are the same... IM SO HAPPY THAT THERE IS SOMEONE LIKE ME! i thought i was either alone or just crazy...

I thought i was crazy too and well iam and so are you and so is everyone. But anyway does the power feel kind dark to u guys at times?

Yeah especially when I get angry. But normally when I want to feel it I feel it in my feet

Yes it feels dark. I'm very misunderstood. And slighted always

You know chakra from Naruto? I think it kinda feels like that, except that we have Kurama's demon chakra instead - so wild, so fearless, so overwhelmingly FREE!

Yes I lost control the other day my mom knows just the right buttons to push and I picked up her vacume cleaner (remember I lost complete control) and swung it around like a baseball bat literally like it was nothing hotting the floor and wall I felt horrible after I collected my self together and fixed it with duck tape lol bit point being we have to have good intention with it I believe it's about intent if we intend on good we very well may be able to heal others I will try this but I always feel stupid when I try these thing and people are watching me my confidence flies out the window

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i'm thinking that we are telepathic. That's about it.

I have recently realised that this power is not normal I am trying to harness this energy but what happens is that it goes away when I try and use it. I feel mine from my gut and feel like it is eating me inside out. I am turning 15 at the rnd of the month. To sum up it nakes me feel like a little pin ***** smd I need tp burst but I can't does anyone have any advice on how to control this power?

I know one way to do it that works for me? Try picturing yourself in a 100m sprint, really really vividly. And in the race there is one person in front of you by a long way but everything in the world depends on you winning that race so you run faster and faster and FASTER until you can feel that energy buzzing in your fingers and your feet, sometimes down your spine as well.

Sounds crazy probably, but it works for me, so just give it a go.

Or if that doesn't work, try picturing yourself in a situation where you've triggered the energy before and recreate it in your head.

Has anyone figured it out yet?

I feel the same exact way and I feel like I'm an old soul. I feel incredibly powerful but powerless at the same time. My life has been a living hell and the fact that I get crazy mad all the time doesn't help. I want to help others with this but I don't know how.

Ok, so I am aware that another user had created a forum previously, but I had created mine after looking down the main experience project page for this experience rather than the responses to this specific story, and as such had not seen the link. I have made my own forum for those who are having this experience. The link is here: http://powerinside.freeforums.net/

I have organised it into a few separate boards so it should be slightly more apt for the discussion of our experiences. It would be cool if people wanted to discuss this thing there.

At long last . I have finally received answer , and read all your experiences so similar to my own . In my case was that burst of energy , within special cases , making me want to fight for something worth more than usual , to protect everyone , or people i care about , was that incredible energy right in my gut , threatening to come out , but i usually i had it suppressed . It would come out from time to time , it feels like a smooth flow of electricity and power through my body , making my hair stand up on end , and getting extreme goosebumps . It would come from time to time , but today i had it more than ever , my senses were heightened for a longer period of time , and me too , i have the feeling that something is coming . I don't know if people still follow this , but i'm in , for whatever will follow .

I feel it to it hurts in away when I touch it and it hurts the people around when I dip into it its really hard to resist especially on a bad day or week I nearly shredded my lover just now because it took over I feel as though I'm losing all control of it and I don't know how to handle something so powerful when its inside of me how to you beat yourself how do you take back control its always in there it just feels raw now like I've been itching it to much

After reading a lot of this I decided to set up another forum for the more experienced to teach those who are new to this feeling. I have it too however it seems that I can control it better that what I have read from you guys. Please visit the forum to share your thoughts on what this could be. By the time you enter I would have already written some stuff on the matter.

http:// insideenergy.boards.net

without the space after http:// it was just because the message was throwing up errors :/

Ok so i dont ever go online and respond to anything but i know how it feels, my power or whatever it is i can feel it in my chest and it spreads when i close my eyes and take a deep breath. I dont know what it is or even that people felt what i was feeling but now that i know there others it makes me feel less crazy. One night i felt it stronger then ever it rushed over my entire body then i heard someone yell my name it sounded like they were in the same room as me but they werent. I called back but no one answered. I kept convincing myself that it was all in my head but i still have that second guess was it someone from the beyond? Was it one of my family members that past away but some how contacted me for a split second? I dont know but i do know the surge of power in my chest and i cant stop it. It comes wants to and leaves when it wants too. I dont how to explain. Soemtimes i think its trying to tell me something that someones here with me, or maybe someone needs help and i need to do something about it. I have no clue.

Forget the word crazy. For me personally, i thinks its just a deeper understanding of yourself that others don't tend to share about themselves, because of how deep it is.
Your not crazy because i understand what your talking about.
...See you in the nut house ; )

sorry to cut that short but i can't relate to the latter part of you comment.

actually **** it, you are crazy, and so am i an everyone else who agrees with this. Just looked up what "crazy" actually means and the first hit goes like this: mad, especially as manifested in wild or aggressive behaviour. > mad (ignoring all classifications people fall into) > so what is wild > wild-"(of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated." seems totally natural to me.
embrace what you feel, and as long as you or anyone can read this, just remember, your living!

I'm actually surprised that people are having the same experience as me... I have a sort of energy in my arms and hands. I can push energy into my hands pretty easily but on occasions if I concentrate hard enough I can shift it throughout my whole entire upper body. It's like a tingly feeling that you get when you're numb but less stronger and you're not actually numb. And the last few weeks I've been shocking people a lot probably due to this energy thingy... I found out about it during the summer last year/ this school year. I wonder exactly what it can do... I also think I've been acting crazier from before too...

I have power that goes out of me! With my eyes shut I can see it like pulses of light. It is an anointing form God! I can see it! I can feel it! Sometimes it feels like my head could explode! I use it for good. To stand in the gap on behalf of the land. And to protect the children of the people! It also protects me from the power of darkness trying to destroy me! They tried just this week! After her attack failed she bowed to me! No need to bow to me. I am just a humble child of God! Power is as real today at it was in the days of old. All power good or bad originated with God! Its in him that we live and move and have our being! Trust Jesus today!

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hi all, I'm here to explain from my experience about the energy that we have inside of us. I have the ability to read people mind or feel their feelings, my ability I believe is telepathy. But our abilities is limitless.We as humans,we have extra ordinary paranormal or supernatural capabilities deep inside of everyone. But most of us are not aware as they are not awaken or they haven't discover themselves. Our energy can't be term as bad or evil or good..it's the user of the energy that matters.. our mind power can also change our reality, so be careful when you think negative thoughts it may turn real. I believe that if we focus on the hidden raw energy, we can manifest our imagination into existence. Focus and practices can help us reach different spiritual/ energy level.
There is the possibility for a higher energy/spiritual level users to have master all form of energy manipulation. E.g time travel, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation etc. At the moment I'm level one user as I can focus only on one ability.

I wish to speak more, but I want to hear your response about this topic. Let me know how many form of energy manipulation can you do.

Ok, im a little worried that youre all lying, or youre all crazy... And i dont know about crazy amounts of energy or my instincts or crazy fast reflexes. But honestly i can feel some kind of energy in my body (mostly my hands) and i feel like i can control it most of the time, and i think that if i could just know what it does then i could do something with it. Please, if any of you are actually experiencing this and arent just crazy contact me and help me. Look me up on facebook. My name is Kenny Pietrowski im from stratford wisconsin. My profile picture is me sitting down leaning against a wall with one arm kind of extended. Please... Just contact me if youre sane.

I have had people tell me guess how old I am cause they look so young and I'll say the first number that crosses my mind which was 33 and his gf was stunned that I was right so your definitely on to something I just don't know how to train the power

Hello guys, my name is Skyler Crisp. I can't believe I actually found people who have gone through exactly what I'm going through. I am 15 years old, and I feel like there's this huge mass of energy in side of me that tries to unleash itself but it can't. This energy has always been there since I was an infant. At a young age, I tried releasing this energy so many times, but its never worked. It feels as if though I can move mountains with my pinkie or set buildings on fire with my mind. I can feel aura all around me all the time. I can sense other people and animals feelings just by looking at them. And i may be15, but this energy makes me feel thousands of years old. Ive felt like I've been through every major time event ever. This energy makes me feel like its shooting out of my hands and fingers. But whenever I release this energy, it feels like something dangerous is coming out to. I begin to let out this growl or roar that sounds nothing like me and my brain becomes tingly. Sometimes it scares me. It feels like more of a dark side than anything. But over the years I've learned to control it. When I try to release this energy, I somehow get stronger and I can move huge objects. And I don't know how, but I have these amazing reflexes that I can't control, like SpiderMans Spider Sense. What has been happening to me has become more of a superpower to me. I've learned techniques to control this energy and how to release it. But I've learned that we aren't just born with this. Guys, this is something ancient. Sometimes when I force out the energy, I can speak these words that I've researched so much to find but can't translate to anything. These words aren't just gibberish, they sound too important. There aren't many like us, but we all need to talk. I've somehow managed to learn more about this energy. Ive been told by all my family that I'm gifted in some way but I just don't know it yet. There is something about us that we need to find out. I wonder of any of you can feel as though you can form or shoot energy out of your hands? Because it feels like I can do that. I feel like I can set things on fire or control water with my mind. I feel like i can use telekinesis to move things with my brain. I feel like its powerful but dangerous. I can hear things move from great distances. I can see things move from incredibly far away. I have such crazy reflexes my friends call me SpiderMan at school. I can dodge things incredibly. Whenever my friends are messing with me, I can somehow manage to pretty much disable them in one second before they can do anything. I feel as if though I'm always on this other dimensional plane that I can just break through with my hand. This energy is dark but amazing. I think some of us might be more powerful than others who are going through the sane thing. I think we all need to start a discussion board or a website. We need to find out more. We all need to find out what this energy is inside of us! I'm begging you guys, we need to find this out! If you want to control this energy like I can, or if you want to help me find more people like us so we can find out more about us, please guys, I'm begging you, message me on Facebook. I have brown hair that goes to the side and I'm wearing a beanie. We can find this out together. This energy we have is amazing yet dangerous. We need to be careful with it. Thank you guys for your post about this. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to know that there's more like me. Remember my name is Skyler Crisp. Please find me on Facebook

I am SO glad I'm not the only one. I'm a freshman in high school, and I always felt this enery since I was really little, but I never understood what it was, until I was able to manifest this energy around my body (I can feel it. But I can't see it) and if I focus enough it makes me run faster and enhance my reflexes. Hope we can get more info.

Focus on the energy imagine everything as water all conected try imagining that your soul is an aura and you can make waves in the air if the more you do it the stronger you get like a muscle.......evolve but keep it to yourself we are envyed and feared stay safe

If anyone figures out levitation then contact me

I as well please and thank you

I thought I was the only person who felt this! I do get this energy in me all the time and I've looked on tons of websites to try to find out what it was. But I get so much energy I almost gain something but then I lose it it just goes away. Pepole who have this energy can relate right? It's so weird like are we suppose to use this or just keep it to ourselves or is it dangerouse. I just want a AWNSER to this

I can help you

But you better be for real dnt waste my time

I know what you mean I feel this.. We need to make use out of it.. Don't let it go to waste it's a gift..

i feel the same for me it feels like it keeps building inside me also is it the fear of hurting those close to you.

I would like to know if this is still something that is being discussed. Some of the users below, such as TheGarrettFell, talk about creating some sort of discussion group. Did this ever occur? If so might it be possible to get details?

i feel it too, i feel its some form of power that us empathetic, loving people feel when we feel maybe to much, i want to change the world, i want to get behind everybody who has this feeling and we could use our energy together to make the whole world a happier place, thats what we need :)

I'm the same way... It's so hard to find people that feel this... I want to make good use out of this energy I carry... Maybe put on a show?

I wish I had the finances to put something like this together for us to evolve our power together and change all the bad in this world

I feel the same thing , since I was in pre k , now im in 8th grade and the energy feeling is hard to control

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Wow, I'm so amazed to meet people who have experienced this as well! I've only felt it in the past two years, but its as if a white star of energy is inside me. I originally utilized it to sense other energies and people; and I began experimenting in out-of-body exploration and am still developing it. This past year, I've discovered I can control my body temperature as well. If I'm freezing or too hot, the energy begins pulsing throughout my body and balances my inner temperature. With this revelation though, I also have bouts of wild/feral energy that's hard to control. My senses increase, I get stuck in a simplistic mindset (food, explore, run, mate) and I feel so alive, like I could run down prey and eat it raw, and I become hyper-aware of my own body. I have a feeling what we all are experiencing is remnants of our ancient ancestors; utilizing our full "Sixth Sense" to "survive". We are just more in touch with our inner senses that nowadays, humans ignore due to security in modern society . Its strange, but intriguing, and I look forward to learning more.

I know exactly what you mean. I started experiencing this at a very young age. I had a feeling for other people auras, also I could locate their pain and "heal" it.But I gave up on it for a long time. Last summer however I started to experience it again due to my work (opera singer). When I was on stage I could suddenly feel raw power flowing through me. First I thought it might be adrenaline rush because I released it in form of anger on stage. (Later I called this phenomenon - modus)In autumn I experienced alot of love. I felt like me and my love were really close and unexpected this feeling of flowing energy came back, but in way that allowed me to gain further control over my body, I also felt a light inside me, like I was a burning star. The effects were so great that I did enourmous growth in my singing career in literally days.I was baffled, how was this possible? For more than 3 years I struggled and for the most time considered myself an average singer at best. Then everything seemed possible...This feeling of love and energy made me curious, I didn't want to lose it, so I started to use it as often as possible. I discovered that it had its limits and that most of the time my body was not able to handle it.I devided the phenomenon in stages:1. stage I consider the release of goosebumps across my body, followed by a release of the warmth in my hands and relaxation of in muscular areas (eyelids, shoulders, spine etc.). This stage is easy to activate, you just need to imagine a strong feeling such as love or hate for someone and project it on your body. For example when we are furious we get goosebumps, our eyes open up etc. So it's natural.2.

2. stage - is more difficult. One has to control the goosebumps and send them all over the body. This way I believe you open up the energy channel. At the same time one has to relax as much as possible.
The difference between the first and the second stage is enourmous. You are able to feel a flow inside of you. One can sense other people's presence even with closed eyes (even their feelings like anger, frustration, happiness etc), in my case I can also heal or negate an illness with my will.
You become happy, energetic, fast and somewhat crazy. It's like you know that you can't fail your tasks anymore.
3. stage - is really intense. Your chakra or energy whatever you call it start to run wild inside your body. You are able to draw it outside your body and it will take different shapes, constantly moving and feeling up the space around you. One is literally able to feel the energy flow through your fingers (I have shown it to many different people, so it's a fact and not just my fantasy). You are able to enchance your abilities by a factor of 1.5-3x. However it is difficult to get. A really strong feeling is required - like a memory of a real love, hate, pain or loss. This state is also dangerous since you have to open your heart and the energy will be drawn from this feeling. I strongly recommend to do it while being in a love state. My experience has shown me that this way you take the least damage by aftereffects (yes, it has some negative sideeffects). This state feels like being in love or on drugs. You have a constant high and the duration lies between 1-9 days depending on your stamina and psychological state. After that you ARE GOING TO feel a low (energy, mood, even health) and you will be forced to rest.
4. stage - I just discovered this one a week ago. Basically it's not that different from the third one: but the amount of energy released is unbelievable. The flow is literally going through your stomach, heart, eyes and can be felt by others (not only by touching). I believe you need more than one feeling to achieve this one and it drains all of your energy for a short amount of time (10 min.)

Now how do I do it? Like explained before I search for a special condition. It is somewhere between being angry and being in love (superiority or pain sometimes). You can watch professional actors to get the inspiration. Listening to dramatic music also helps alot. I prefer a mix between rock and classical orchestra with chorus. You will start to feel livid. This is a sign that you are doing it right. When you feel the goosebumps coming enjoy the sensation, try without forcing yourself to move the goosebumps around your body. It gives you a feel of control, but this is just the start. For the next step you need is to feel the flow of energy. It's easy to feel in the palm of your hands and in the eyes. Try to focus on this flow.
When you feel somewhat familiar with this state, try to move your energy through your body. Search for places that are disconnected or get in the way of your meditation. Try to activate them by forcing energy through them. You must really want it or nothing will happen. Also don't decent to far into the realm of your fantasy, all effects are real and should be felt in reality. When you relax enough, you suddenly start to breath out your chakra. You won't be able to control it (rather you shouldn't - this is what you want). You start to feel excited.
It is easy for me to test out the effects of the condition because when I sing I use the accumulated energy for expression and control of my voice technique.
You can test it out by shouting. Search for an expression that suits you and now try to shout for someone who is in another room. It's not about how loud you are, it's about your expression. You have to want to make the other person hear you, even if you say it quietly.
For everyone who wants to use it on a daily basis I recommend doing sports. Otherwise you are going to lose alot of energy and probably get ill.

I wanted to ask you about something you posted July 18. How is all this possible and why do you think its happening? Do you know more people like this who have experienced all 4 stages completely? Is this common today? In your opinion.

Dear AnnaMolle5
It is difficult for me to say how this possible and who are the people who can use it. I myself don't know anyone who uses it this way, but I only started my search (that's how I came here. It is certainly not common and unfortunately nobody has time or interest to learn this technique. I would like to teach it to more people so I can study it better from outside.
I think the origin of it lies in our animal nature. This animal rage, its energy which is supressed by our brain and is than released through controled strong emotions. I suppose you have to be a singer or have another way of precisely controlling your body.

I've just never heard anyone explain it so well and thoroughly.. Who do you think is most likely to develop things like this

I am 14 years of age male. It started when I was young and is becoming more often I can feel something inside my hands it feels like electricity or pins and needles. Also I can give myself goosebumps and when I do I feel a pulse run through my body I'm not sure what it is though?

Please tell me if you have an idea. You can use the technique I described above to intensify your impulse.
I watched a video of monks who used Qui to do impossible things with their body. I believe it is similar and can be used as a shield, pain inhibitor or for healing.

It's been a long time since I have even thought of the feelings and experiences that you guys are going through. I went through a very unusual time in my teens, close to what you guys have commented on. At first is was energy and powerful but later I learned to meditate and travel with it. I would do weird things like close me eyes and feel things around me and then walk around the house without hiting anything, like having eyes but not opened. I could focus and close my eyes, throw a dart at a dart board and get bullseyes. I would run at night and feel the power in me, It made me feel like an animal but more than that. I could literally take larger and larger strides until it made no sense how big if strides I was taking. This sounds crazy right, I know, but it is what I could do. Life went on, I got older and our society as it is pushed me away from it and I let it go. I believe I could rekindle it but it's too time consuming now. What I can say is this. If you explore and reach out you see amazing things. YOu will learn things that don't make sense until you explore them further. Today I can walk into a room and easily feel what everyone's inner self is within seconds of hearing them talk to the degree like I was their best friend and knew them for a long time. Its a gift from exploring this inner power and I love it. Maybe one day if I have time I will explore again. It's still there but I hold it at bay. I'm happy for you guys, its a wonderful gift.

This sounds amazing and I believe you. It seems the power is different depending on the character of its user.

I went through every 4 stages mentioned by you . Usually , like you do with your music , i walk around 5 miles with my headphones on , visualizing various situations & stuff . Does that count as meditation ? Because i feel pretty disconnected . However , we must be prepared.

The further you go, the further it feels this way I believe.
I'm not bothering with meditation that much anymore since it consumes alot of energy, whenever possible I channel the energy directly trough the heart while singing to achieve similar effects.

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Dear person I have had the same experience about an hour ago the only difference is that I let it go I felt good like I could do anything my entire body was tingling with life like I just survived getting struck by lighting I felt like I was going insane while keeping my sanity I felt unhuman like I could literally move a building I felt like I could literally rip someone in half but was too sane and good to do it I felt like I had so much energy if I would of pushed it out I could be able to see I felt like a superhero like if I was able to harness that energy I could help mankind the only thing that was going through my head was if I knew how to control it so im going to do some self-research and learn to control it and if I do I will not share it online or with just anybody for If I do unlock the secret of human potential most of humanity will not be ready for it

I feel the exact same way. I don't know what it is but I feel it when I like concentrate or listen to music. I can't really explain it but it surges inside and it feels like I can actually do anything. I feel that if I train and am somehow able to harness it I could help people. Until now I felt alone and didn't know what to do but now I know I must research and figure out what this is. I have a tremendous amount of determination and willpower and I WILL figure this out. I don't know if this means I have something that makes me special but what I do know it it IS something and I can't just sit and ignore and suppress this any longer. That is what I have to say.

I feal the same way, and to be honest I'm scared some times. Because I am Able to unlock my raw energy and at a very young age to as i am only 15 years old and learned to do this at 12. I am able to see the colored auras of people and some times I can see glimpses of ghost.

I get a feeling similar to yours but with mine it feel like physical power. It feels like I could rip someone apart with it even though I'm not a violent person. It also makes me feel like I could run forever and lift things no human could lift. I can always feel it. I don't know what it is or how to use it. Because if this I started doing heavy research in the occult and the abilities humans can possess. (Before you ask, No I didn't try to summon anything) but during all my research I didn't come up with anything. I would like to know what it is and how to use it if that's even possible.

I'm so happy that ive finally found people who feel the same way I do.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I've come up with a theory...at least for myself. My name means The Flame of God, and my power feels like fire or at the very least heat. The theory that I have come up with is that based on our different feelings during these times that we are the reincarnated elemental spirits or at least they live within us, and I think(I'm not sure) that I am the reincarnated Spirit of Fire, I know this sounds crazy, but besides the power from God manifesting when we fight the last battle against Satan, this is all I've got.

We need to talk. I will find a way. Until then email me gfell10@aol.com

I am a women 25 and recently I went through something unexplainable. My mlEveryone thought I had went mad or had some type of personality disorder. I just remeber an energy taking over me. I felt so alive and so awake, but an angry side took over. In that moment I was able to manipulate the we ather. If I wanted it to rain...it would rain...overtime the energy kept me up for so long people feared that I would die from exhaustion. I ended up going to the hospital. But eveeyday I think about it and before this happened all I asked was God please show me a sign. Crazy right...

Hey! My name is Garrett Fell. I know it's a weird name bear with me. I'm 18 and I've been researching what we are all going through for a few months now and I just stumbled upon this. I'm quickly able to sort out which of you are actually experiencing what I'm going through. But I would like to explore more of what we have in common. When any of you get a chance look me up on Facebook. I live in Idaho. I'm pretty tan brown hair Brown eyes. Friend me and message me. I'm starting to put together some theories. I will find out why we are here and what it is we are meant to do. But I need your help.

I've been reading the comments and I'm happy I'm not the only one who feels this, I would like to know what exactly this is though or what can I do with it.

Hey Guys. I am 19 and of your kind and i actually found some uses of that. But i dont think its magical or something. It gives you like "root access" to your mind. So you can control or simulate feelings such as warmth in zones of your body. If you want to know how to use it, contact me.

I want to add that it is not a bipolar disorder, bacause it can be controlled and has never caused any depression.

I would be very grateful if you could do that because I have no idea of how I can use it or what for.

Replied to you privatly

I am 16 I have felt this sinse of power for a very long time I am absolutly happy that there are others I always have felt alone I've only told two people about the feeling but and I have always felt like I should be able to do more but I never knew how I wanna master the feeling and use it

OH MY GOD!!!!! I FOUND SOMEONE LIKE ME!!!!! HOLY SHIZ!!! I FEEL EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!!!!! Finally. :') I have literally searched for someone like me for years.

I also feel like this, except, it's like fire, I can raise the temperature of my body, and feel the heat, and I can focus it to different areas of my body, but I can't make it materialize.

This feeling awakened during worship one Sunday, the first time I got in the Spirit, it next came when I was very angry, and felt like life was unfair, and almost slipped into what feels like an evil, supersmart alternate personality that I now try to always supress.

I almost forgot, I get this feeling when playing, but especially listening to music I connect with, and my hair feels electric, like it's standing up straight or just flowing in midair. when I close my eyes, I'm playing my guitar, and time has slowed down, I'm in front of a huge crowd on stage, and music notes are coming out of my guitar.

This is a good feeling.

I feel the same.. Everytime I am outside i just want to slide across the hood of every driving car out there! and u know, jump from buildings to another. :)

I feel the same I feel there is something in my life I'm missing that I have to do something that there is something special about me that I'm supposed to know but I don't , when ever I watch a move like anything like a Mermail , spy I feel like I can do that but I don't know how yet I'm 15 11/08/98

my phone is being retarded so this will be quick i feel the same way and this is totally risk but we should make a group share experiences and figure whats going on inside us. My skype is skitty.kirkland add me and we can all talk together its been 3 years sense original post maybe the older ones can help us younger ones. I am 15 born july 12 98

i just came across this and im kinda shocked that i am not the only one, im 14 my birth day is Feb/07/2000. and this started when i was about 11-12 and i was a bit scared and curious to what this meant, if there is a higher purpose to this, and like some of you people i've been looking for answers. i feel energy and i can control it, sometimes i even feel air coming out of the palms on my hand and make what feels like when you put a positive side of a battery in front of a negative side there's like an invisible bubble, sometimes i can make that in my hands as well,its incredible, ill be more than happy to help, but this has also given me a "dark side" when i get angry, i dont get winded, i do things i had no idea i can, its like a huge adrenaline rush but more. I've tried to ask my friends if they've felt it and they look at me as if i was some sort of alien, so i asked a teacher that knows about spiritual things, so he said it might be "ki" or "chi" and i should choose a martial art and it does help control it but i guess everyones different , message me or help if you want to find out more:) PS: we should definitely create a group

I'm having the exact same experience as you, that's exactly how I describe it, my dar side X) If you see this, contact me, my facebook is Uriah Gillespie, I'd love to talk to you and start a group.

It's awesome that I'm not the only one that feels like this. Its always there, probably contributing to my feeling of being "caged" as I don't understand it or how to release it. I'm currently in the height of the energy just wanting to burst out of me. I'm usually a reserved and keep to myself type that's why this energy scares me sometimes. It's interesting that many who also feel like this also have a may birthday mine is the 24th. I'm a good person but I do have a dark side just like every one else, I'm scared that if this is released I'd allow my dark side to come out. I also feel like its calling me to do something, in which I have no clue as to what. It's hard for me to really describe, which is why i really haven't said anything to anyone as i don't want people to think of me as needing mental help or something weird.

I have been reading the responces ppl write and I realized we are all young men there are no women or older men and I wonder why is that did something happen to them or did they ignore it and it faded

im 30 and i feel it stronger then ever i love the feeling of it traveling trough my body

What's up with this? I'm a 26 yo male and get this overwhelming feeling sometimes. An energy, kind of, that feels like its well suited to change the world or something. It tends to be unlocked by emotionally charged music, conversations, or introspective thought. This is weird that we all have the same feeling. I've always been told that I have a gift and I have no idea what it is. Also women tend to find my presence extremely relaxing or calming recently which is odd because I think I'm pretty high strung. This can't all be a coincidence...

Idk I'm a girl and I'm dealing with it too. A lot of people ignore it. I think some people have felt it and they don't like it so they do drugs... Its depressing.

Ya I should be dead to be honest.. Am I still here to make use out of whatever this is I'm feeling? Sober 2 years and I'm scared of how alive I am.. It's amazing so don't let yourself lose that feeling.

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im 17, i read most of the comments and i can't explain to you how happy it makes me knowing that im not alone. I'm very calm, non violent person and i love making people happy but sometimes i get this fire in my chest and like alot of you i chaneled it into sports but in football i turn into a completly different person its the only time i can unleash all the power i keep in my chest. i dont wanna sound stupid, but it changes me into something, a monster kinda. I'm constantly fighting depresion and horrible anxiety and I'm constantly searching for a reason for this feeling that somethings gonna happen it eats at me from the inside out. but most of all i fear it, it honestly scares the crap out of me it gives me the strength to push through anything that i may face but it also consumes me its like a dark entity that wants to take over. i dont like to think of him as a demond but idk what it is... ******* scary

I understand, it feels like a demon inside too, like an evil alternate personality demon, I myself just try to supress that burst of energy, because I've changed into that being before, I can always come back, but, I know how you feel.

I get the same feeling. When it's at its strongest I get scared of releasing it because it feels like I have a monster inside me waiting to be freed. I'm afraid that if I let it out then it will hurt someone I care about but on the other hand it also feels like I can protect them from anything. Like I could move a mountain if I wanted to.

It makes me feel like I'm not human sometimes and it feels dark.

I'm not sure if my friends feel the same way but my friends and I consider our selfs non mortal

I was just replying to someone about why a lot of people ignore it. Its depressing and awful but I think a lot of people have felt it and that's why so many people use drugs.

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Well all of you my names Rashaun Robinson and I've felt what you've felt all of my life I'm 24 and I've spent lots of money talking to psychics and all who can help and we are all blessed with these gifts but if we don't get off our *** and figure out what each of us are capable of than that feeling that I know all of you have about something bad is going to happen we won't prevent it. Yes the energy is the now harness it form it into your hearts desire recently I channeled it all around my arm and felt swirls if power and I digged deeper and put it all around my body now believe me or not I don't care but I started to actually levitate and once I master it I'll fly all accords the world and show ppl how great we really are

Add a response...

I feel exactly the same, I have never really known what it was, but i really did feel as if i was alone in feeling this way. as i kept reading mnay of these comments, i realized we all seem to have the same personality traits, and im wondering if its something a little bigger. I KNOW we are different and i am wondering have you guys known you were different from a very young age as well? im 20. but i know this isnt a little phase or something i know its like raw energy i just wish i knew how to access it.

You are gifted remember that and are never alone I know you always feel lonely and yet you also feel all of our power because are energies are connected so show no fear master your gift and remember you are far from alone my family

can you tell me what you mean by gift? I want to learn how to master this... could you possibly help?

Ok I can elaborate but what I need from you is your full attention for the next 5 mins from what I tell you so if you got Skype it anything like that hit me up rashaunr and I'll explain all

Ok just added you now you get on and let's get to it simple

Ok I can't wait forever so maybe some other time but maybe you don't really want to know what this is but I already do so take care and hope u the best with it cuz I'm not feeling that determination for it this is the most important thing in your life you should b begging for this advice but I can't help someone who doesn't want it bad enough I can't coach someone who kinda want it good luck

I do want it, im so sorry my power went down last night im at a cafe now. i can be focused and i am VERY determined

I don't want to sound stupid and I'm not a violent person I like to do things a lot of boys don't do like gardening and taking care of animals like pets and training shelter dogs but when I get angry I feel like Naruto when he rages

And I feel like I have chakara pouring out of me

Yes I did know as a young age I'm 15 but as a little kid in 1st grade I was always different and the energy I feel inside me sometimes makes me uncomfortable in my body

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:) Great :D I am so happy that i am not alone :D Well by the way i am 23 yold and have tried many sports and some prof. fields and have to say that for a year or two i left this "heart-power" feeling cause i had to listen to the nature, my professors and bosses and acquire and understand one different point of view. Regretfully i guess i overdid it bcz this type of behaviour left my life without the passion i previously had. Now I am back to it because it felt like my heart was calling for me and had to change my professional/career path and way of living lets say. Still I am not sure where this is going to lead us all but hope and heart should guide and help us thrive :) Thank you for the great page and for Your empathy!

:) Great :D I am so happy that i am not alone :D Well by the way i am 23 yold and have tried many sports and some prof. fields and have to say that for a year or two i left this "heart-power" feeling cause i had to listen to the nature, my professors and bosses and acquire and understand one different point of view. Regretfully i guess i overdid it bcz this type of behaviour left my life without the passion i previously had. Now I am back to it because it felt like my heart was calling for me and had to change my professional/career path and way of living lets say. Still I am not sure where this is going to lead us all but hope and heart should guide and help us thrive :) Thank you for the great page, Your comments and Your empathy!

I always thought I was the only one who felt this way, few days ago I started to feel what each of you felt, suddenly decided to Google it and found your story, I'm really amazed, apparently we all have the same personality, I can not express myself very well, since English is not my native language, so I still feel the same as you, we should create some sort of group or community.

I'm 18 yld by the way.

i agree with you
we really should, even if its just to see how many of us there are. im so happy to find other people with this, i thought i was the only one

I'm 18. The feeling is weird. It's like I have this pressure surrounding my heart and sometimes I feel it in my hands. I also spontaneously and involuntary think of phrases which sound ridiculous at the moment and out of context and then, someone says the exact same thing. It happens to me everyday. Also, I know this is going to sound crazy but I feel a certain power grow inside of me when I'm next to fire or water. No, I can't control the elements but it feels comfortable like I'm recharging my energy or something. I knowing I'm sounding stupid but it's the truth.

I feel the same pressure around my heart and hands! wow I thought I was having an anxiety attack or something (though I don't have anxiety) and I also feel recharged around fire and water....it's so strange that someone is feeling the same way I am.

The sound of any water comforts me beyond belief I love it I listen to it while I sleep and I'm also a pyromaniac deep love for fire I'll stare into a non fire and lose myself but in a good way like I'm connected to it

I get this same feeling sometimes it is unprovoked. Like just now in the shower I felt it coming on and so I got out of the shower, did some push ups and Googled it. It scares me sometimes, like I am not in control. What is this feeling?

It's actually very interesting you and I share a common gift what this "raw energy" you have is purely willpower. When you tap into this you are reaching into the energy that drives you, your "fire" is stronger than others and most may not understand what it actually is. The fire inside grows when you do something you love or are a part of something you feel passionate about. My example was when I played sports I found the connection and it would surge through me during the game and stayed for the whole thing where as normally I can have it for only a couple of minutes. As for harnessing it there are two ways: meditation: try to reach towards it practice controlling it in a calm scenario and through physical work it couples extremely well with adrenaline. I will give one warning though be careful of burnout. While using this makes you feel almost invincible you may lose control of your emotions and also experience fatigue afterwords, meditate before using it and be careful of how many times you access it.

I've always felt that way, when I get too angry I feel a sense of destruction... I feel like I'm meant for something big. I'm 13, my birthday is on June 17. I was born in the year of the dragon... What specific dragon I don't know... I think it was the Gold Dragon. I'm stronger than many people, actually it takes more than 5 girls of my age to knock me down.

im 13 too but my birthday is 7 days b4 u :)

I'm a guy but I don't work out at all whatsoever and I'm able to take town wrestlers that arevactually in the sport it drives them crazy I was born June 4th 1990 my brother was born 2 years later but get this also on June 4th lol

Holy **** i posted b4 bout i feel like a demon well my room witch the lights where on and door open so im bored thinkin bout

Well this is the first time on this site probly the last just to say i understand what your feeling but with me im probably just insane or something but its like there is another person inside of me when i feel this power i dont think like a normal man but more like a demon i guess would be the only way to describe it but my friends say that i scream phrases like if it happens and i had a knife at the time granted i blacked out so i have no idea if there just pulling my leg or what but i always say "I am the butcher who wants a slice" or i silently punch something repeatedly im thinking i might have some kind of split personality thing but it only happens when someone hurts my friend

READ THIS PLZ : Hi all, I have never thought that one day I would come to this... What can i say, I feel the same way, i won't lie, I have tried to the same with my arms, like tried to control this power inside me, I feel this energy and self confident when. i usually listen to music, especally rock music, it may sound stupid and childish, but i feel like a devil like a daredevil, like a GOD, something like that, funny thing about it, my favorite color is RED, I like fire, I'm
born on 12th arie.It's really hard to explain. I'm 18, it happened before when i was younger, sometimes i feel pissed and angry at my family with no reason, sometime i just want to destroy things, yeah i know it sounds crazy, well i have no idea what it is but i know i have something inside me, i feel fire inside me, sometimes i feel like i'm on the devil side, i feel strange, hope i'm not crazy ;D Guess i'm not the only one in this world who feels this way.

Those like us are what this age remembers as "Dragons". They aren't extinct, they simply took a different form until a time when they could once again be what they were meant to be. We don't just believe or experience the things we do because we're idealistic and haven't grown past the imagination stage yet. We are specific souls sent to earth during a specific time.....for a specific purpose. We should feel unique, different, every single person on the planet is. That you can feel this energy, or understand what the other posts are talking about doesn't make you any more special, or any better than the next person......it just means that more will be expected from you in the future, that your time on earth will be different from the many. There were many species meant to live on this planet with us and humanity has destroyed more than we can remember. Our collective memories are very short term, human beings need a reminder...a wake up call. We need to remember why it is that we spend time on Earth. Before there isn't an earth to spend any time on.

We were all born during this specific time because the world will change soon. Many people have posted, feeling that something is coming, not being able to explain why they feel like something inside of them is waiting to be released, waiting to get out. There's a reason we feel that way, something is. It just isn't allowed yet. I think most of the things we feel, the energy, the unexplainable feelings that just make absolutely no sense right now. The ones that make you turn to medication and doctors because the anxiety, depression, and every other "label" out there finally wears you down enough that you just fall in line. I think those are are reminders we were sent with to help us each find our own answers. It's like a constant poke in the ribs to remember that there is so much more than society would like us to believe.

I know it sounds completely out there, but so is this "energy" we all feel...there's a reason for it. It just isn't time yet to do anything about it. I don't like that answer anymore than the person who reads this. It's my understanding and belief that the frustration, the unknown, the anxiety, all of the side effects that we experience will be more than worth it in the end.....but hey....I don't think that just because something is fits for me...it will also for you.

Don't stress about it so much, enjoy what you've been given, definitely do meditate and try to be more introspective. Do your best to lose the "I'm special" mentality for anyone who is holding on to it. Anything you have, anything you are...it isn't because you were some super amazing whatever. Our gifts are meant to be shared with the world. They don't make us any better than those who don't share our experiences. That IS part of the youth thing, we all want to be special, to be unique and different. If you're reading or replying to the OP's post you likely already are, anything else you need to know is inside. Spend some time trying to find it. You weren't sent here to cope with this without a single thing to help you, as absolutely cliche as it sounds....look inside for the answers....I promise they are there.

Love your response, maybe this isnt the right place to say this but I had mushro tea also asking questions to myslef. Much stronger answers honestly.

Lol i only had mushroom tea once apparently i was beating up my friend tyler with a spatula screaming something about "i shall slay demon in the name of the king" and thats when my friend ryan knocked me out with a chair not kidding you wtf was i thinking


How do you know any of this? I only ask because it sounds crazy but yet I identify with it to a degree. I just don't want to be alone anymore with this and I am always looking for answers.

well...this explains why dragons have existed in every worlds culture even in china before the european people discovered it. and if we are dragons it would be AWESOMESAUCE!

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i thought i was the only one who has this feeling, they are many time i just cant explain the feeling that i have inside of me, its make feel different from other or make me wonder if iam the only one going through it

Famous "Bipolar" people:

You can control your energy and mood thorugh meditation...ask me for that.
We are one.


here's the answer.....we are not bipolar...also because I always feel happy and energetic...and never depressed. Do not take any medicine...that will put you back to sleep

Medicine call it bipolar disorder, without knowing where it comes from: medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Bipolarism
In reality we are just awake, and they want to push us back to 'normality'

I just feel the same... i always thought and felt that i am different than people, always felt that i can do more, i have the feeling of energy inside me .. i always have it i try to use it but when i do i just wanna run or do something i cant stand still. i think i wanna harness that power inside me but i never have been able to do it. It just makes feel uniqiue and special. I am not an selfish ******* that thinks he is the best , I just know inside me that i am different with the energy i have inside me. I tried transferring the power to my hands ... i felt it in my hands but nothing... just nothing.. i do know that i habe some power but still i do not know like all of you guys here how to control it... sadly :(

randomfish I understand what u feel and why. I have mastered dreams and understand what sleep paralysis is. Had it once and since then I understood what we all call dreams. To control your dreams is to understand your soul form and master it. once your back in your body you can still feel your soul as if your still dreaming and that makes you try to use the power from with in. I know of this power and have tapped into something over the years of testing what my soul is capable of. I have had visions that came true and over 7 out of body experiences. I also have been given signs while awake of thing happening and coming true. I feel like I'm one step away from changing everything.

I know exactly how you feel. I've been feeling the same way, and no one can explain it to me. it's always, "oh it's hormones", "you'e just imagining it", or "you just want to be something you're not." But, I feel it all the time. I feel like I have this power and can harness it, all I want it for someone to teach me how, or tell me why I'm like this, but I haven't found anyone yet. I'm 18, and have been feeling this way for as long as I can remember. But, I feel like if I don't figure it out soon, it'll go away.

Hey! I just read this post because i feel the same way. I feel like I can build up power from deep inside of my body. I usually take advantage of this when im working out and almost out of strength left. It's really hard to explain but i just focus hard, and I feel this huge amount of power building up and I feel like I can discharge it through my arms and legs.
Sometimes, I stand up, try and buld up the "power" and punch through the air as hard and fast as i possibly can and it feels much more powerful than any other punch or whatever. Im sure im not the only one though

I have been getting this feeling for awhile now...and it feels amazing....just recently i got a phoenix tattoo on my back and i ve been feeling really charged, like extreme mental strength and confidence and control is trapped inside me. Weird enough it made me think of The Rise of the phoenix in one of the X Men movies when Jean Grey pretty much uses all of her mental power all at once....i feel like that. Im also ordinarily very calm and collected. I think there is similarities to all of us but like some of you havent been able to put it all to good use.