I am an adult male at the age of 29. I often wondered if I was crazy for the same feeling that is being explained here. But I see now that I am neither alone nor crazy. I too have a unnaturally cool head under some really stressful situations. For anyone trying to figure out to harness it here is what I have found so far, first know that it is real. Secondly hold and funnel it throughout ur entire body, while at the same time focus on ur breathing,focus is key. When u master ur focus u master it. It will take some practice. We are all a part of the same thing as people of the same color are a part of the same race. If u try to suppress it, u will lose. It will control u. Mediation and practice will go a long way. I would say for those who are comfortable, to exchange emails. Those of us that have this will be the only ones that will believe u and help u. Message me here if u would to have my email. We are not crazy, we are strong and we are warriors.
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

It's powerful and also scares me at times because i am 6"4. i feel it some times and i just want to tear things apart and scream as load as i can. the initial high dies away quickly, but the feeling usually stay with me all day. I blame testosterone (probably it) but i go through the day looking for a safe and hidden outlet to vent myself but i feel as if i am wasting something.

I find that I cannot focus and sometimes feel like I am losing control. Is there a way to slap myself out of it to focus and harness this energy?

I feel the same way.. If I focus on this power and channel it through my body, I feel warm and energized... But after a few seconds my body kinda spasms and back to normal. I also have a constant pressure from my chest, as if my heart is being projected..