I don't know if this is true so don't freak. But if you really are one of us, we may currently be hunted down by either a government group who know what we are or something. But every time I reach out to someone of my kind, I tell them what they are and within days they're gone. Maybe they are just not getting on experience project, I don't know. But it's very suspicious that within a day or two of telling them what they are, they're gone. I went downtown today, and a group of men kept pointing me out. When I was walking through a crowded parking lot, there was a couple if cars that were driving slow past me, checking me out. This is no coincidence that we are being scouted and hunted. I think it's only when you realize what you are. So the biggest question is why am I not gone yet? I don't knos. I would like to say God has my back but everyone else is gone, so that mustn't be true. I would like all of you who think you are one of us, to watch your ******* backs and don't trust anyone. Because it seems we are all in danger. Please message me for details, or help.
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I need. Help unlocking my gift I think we could fight back

I feel the same like if we are onserved by someone or something that dont want us to fully awake... once i make it raind but i get scare and i dont know every time am close to figure out how to make things happens, something external gets in my life and is like life want me to get distracted in stupids things...

I know this post is from last year but I really want to know what I am so if you see this can you please message me

Wow...going on this site I've realized how many people are just like me. We all feel power building inside of us. But how do we unlock it?

Hey i know exactly what you are talking about. You are not alone. We are called the hidden ones. People like this are born with very special gifts, mine i am discovering further but i can control the weather and wind but i hide this because the government takes people like this away. This is very serious. More of us are being born the world is undergoing a huge change

Message me so we can discuss about your gift

I feel different from others I'm supposed to remember something but I cant

message me asap

What sets you apart from others..?