Love Doesn't Last For Me

Every time i meet a girl this happens. first we meet and then we start to talk, then the talks get longer, then we start getting feeling, then we start going together, then talk about marriage, then starting a family and living together. ...........and boom!!!!! it all falls apart and she leaves. i Β cant even count how many time this has happen to me. every time i fall in love, we end up spliting up. then there are time that an old girl friend want to get together and im like okay and we fall in love again and then she says she doesn't love me like before or my ex want to get back together and so she leaves. i don't know what it is, i mean i have lost so many girlfriends in my life time but this is bullshit. i mean ive been reject alot, i mean my parents were the first and then friends and then lovers. ever girl ive ever dated i build a good and strong friendship with and we loved each other (or so i thought). i end up losing them not only as girlfriends but as good friends. i hate this, i mean is there something wrong with me?? i just lost a girlfriend again like a couple days ago. why do i bother even dating girls or it never works out anyways. maybe im not meant to have a girlfriend. maybe im not meant to marry. maybe im not meant to ever find true love!!!!!!
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Don't worry love will come ur way. :) Until that special person comes along. Remember to live,laugh,an enjoy life. :)

Maybe u just haven't found the right one yet

Everyone deserves true love so don't lose hope my friend(^_^)
Everything happened for a reason, maybe that keeps happening because you hasn't found the right one for you:) Don't be sad and keep moving on until you find the right one for you!! Cheer up(^_^)

Almost every "relationship" I ever had ended in rejection before it even started. Even ones with dating and everything. Just keep the ball rolling and worry about your own life and eventually you'll find someone who doesn't want to let you go so easily.

im sure you will find what you are looking for,,,,

thank you,,,,,,i hope so

youll never lose me...

thank you

unless you wanted to lose me that is

no i dont want to may =]

oh well thats ok then :)

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I know how you feel...

im sorry you feel or have felt the same.......hugs...

It's alright..

alright. well if you ever need a friend im here, if you ever need to talk or just want to

u WILL find true love chris!!! i promise!

thank you jerica!!!

np :**** look u have girls saying they would leave u! lol your good :)