History of Holes

censored like spikes tipped with marshmellows

protecting myself from my inability to wield the mace of my history

its edges protrude, a powerful tool against shame

a terrible foe, unable to be sheathed


It isn't enough.

It never will be until the blade is sharpened

and I learn to wield the truth

shameless of honesty


But I am more skilled than you believe

for I have learned not to taint fact with seduction


your faith choice is innefectual

to the rhythm in my veins


and the tongue will pierce membrane

so true, your lies raise arms

protecting your blanket

digging your well


run from me

or run to me

color your steps in fear

wave your terrible banner

cry battle relentless

my ears deafened in days long past


for all of your horses

and all of your men

count the mirrors

and the images in them

SeraphicWannabe SeraphicWannabe
22-25, M
10 Responses Mar 24, 2009

yw babe.

thanks, I think I really needed to hear that

If she's anything like my mother, she'll never admit the truth, even to herself, nor feel remorse for everything she has done, and every bit of pain she has caused, and every lie she has told and every sabotage she has created within your life.<br />
<br />
I'm glad for the strength of your own spirit. Glad you can stand tall enough within yourself, to know you can withstand the truth should it be revealed fully to you, but what if it never is, what if the marshmallow coating is all the truth you ever see - are you strong enough for that? <br />
<br />
Don't lose yourself in the search for something that my never be revealed.... Having said that, I do hope for you, that it is. <br />
<br />
I'm always wishing for the best, for you. I know you'll have it, one day, too. Keep feeling that strength of spirit you have inside you, and follow it wherever it leads you.<br />
<br />

Very nice! I love it!

thank you, adiyo. I can tell you see exactly what I see... or at least something very close to it.

you are powerful in this piece. you have the power - or the potential - to be something, but you are blocked from realising that potential by both your own inadequacies (for want of a better word - perhaps "lessons yet to learn"?) and by the actions of another party. It is a profound piece, very well written and with some beautiful imagery.

yes, and a refusal of spiritual death

that's ok... it has a few different meanings and purposes.<br />
<br />
of course you would be reminded of a children's book. I made a reference to humpty dumpty... that's the point..

i had to reread it a few times. The images of a knight, blades and a Japanese sword came to mind. Then i read it again and it spoke of who you are in here, which i get. But i didn't get the last verse, was it something you just had to say, cause it didn't go well for me with the others. It was as if it came from a childrens book.

not sure i understand it