Just Not Lest Ye Be Judged Yourself

Christ the redeemer lives in us. We are therefore a part of God. I believe the part of us truest to Godliness is our innocence, (as in childlike, not childish) We must become as little children to enter the kingdom of God. Therefore to redeem ourselves we have to gain a 'christ consciousness' which is pure. So I think what the good book is actually saying is 'when you have purified your soul and understood all what you have done to be wrong and forgiven yourself, then no one can ever throw anything at you.' lol-- does that make sense cos it does to me!!

SuzyWongx SuzyWongx
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1 Response Jun 22, 2007

My Nan always used to say, don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. Nearly everyone knows of the 'judge not' bit in the bible, I know its hard not to judge sometimes cause we are only human but it strikes me as odd that the most judgemental are often Christians. We should practice what we preach.