Feelin' Low :(

I've been feeling sad and kinda depressed all day...I was on the train earlier, going to work and I started thinking, like I had a moment of perfect clarity...
I'm 23 years old and there's nothing in this world I feel passionate about and I used to be full of passion, like I had a fire inside I never thought it'd blow out...and now I keep living, doing all the things I have to do, working, studying, hanging out with my friends...but I just feel numbĀ  coz nothing moves me, nothing touches me, nothing at all...and I'm scared to death :( I don't carry on lliving my life like a zombie, but the harder I try to change things the deeper I sink in my sadness....:(
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I FEEL you with the zombie. I actually was thinking that few months ago. That I feel like a zombie and to tell you the truth the feeling is still present. I do not think it is going away. I was very depressed initially. Now I am just empty. I think my lack of emotions like love and empathy have a lot to do with thtat+ being bored alot. At least you still have friends.