Not only what makes us beautiful, but what really makes us perfect. If everyone we're really imperfect, then doesn't that mean that we're all perfect?

Besides that question, I was inspired to appreciate flaws in beauty by a book when I was younger. The girl in the book received a some sort of gem or something, it was like a stone but it was something valuable like emerald or jade! I think it might have been jade. It had a discolored line on the side of it, and the man giving it to her apologized that he didn't have a nicer one to give to her, but she said she thought it's flaw was actually what made it perfect when she compared it to a spectacle of other gems that were without flaw. So he need not apologize. I can't remember if it was because it made it stand out or if she even explained it at all, I just remembering really appreciating what she said.

Flaws have something more to them.


imustbecrazy imustbecrazy
Feb 15, 2010