I Feel People Do Not Understand the Difference Between Arabic Culture and Religon

i feel people do not understand the difference between arabic culture and religon, for eg. the issue of arab women being treated unfairly.please note ARAB women, for it clearly states in the quran, that men are equal to women, it is anly arabic culture that has changed this, some arab  men find in the quran that it states' protect your wife and daughters'

and find it as an excuse to lock up there wifes. you must understand that it is meer arab culture not religon!

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becuae the religious texts of most religions are so ambiguos, people greedily interpret them to meet their own ends, rather than god's will. just look at calvinists!!!<br />
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the holy texts are flawed, yes, but they are your holy texts, so you must not deviate from them if you seek to (supposedly) do the will of "allah". so really its a choice:<br />
<br />
1) disobey allah, but do the right thing.<br />
<br />
2) obey allah in doing the wrong moral choice.<br />
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dont pretend it isnt with metaphor or by clinging to the hope that the koran isnt flawed.

Its the same problem with all religions - some extremists make interpretations that make it difficult for everyone else. I've known (and almost married) muslims who were very kind and stressed that we all believe in the same God.