In Searching Of Missing Life.

Everybody is somewhat worried about their future and i am not an exception about it, but the irony is that nobody knows the future. What will happen will happen no matter what do u think? what i have is the very present moment and i decided to spend my present movement to the best and wait for the best. God give me strength. i know i did very foolish thing in my past and i do regret about it. But the best thing is to move on. life don't wait for anybody. so the best way to keep moving as fast as you can.
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You are not alone i feel the same way, by school grades, skateboarding and trying to find who i am and what i want to be it's very hard to keep your cool . The good news is that you don't need to be afraid of failing like she said "sometime positive things come out of failure" for an example i was at the skate park and was skateboarding a rail and was trying a new trick on the rail sadly i fell on the rail and hit my back and my first thought was am i parilized and after that happened to me i realize how serous life is so dont be afraid of failing because you need to fail to suceed and how i and everone should look at failing is "its only a failure if you didnt lean from it."<br />
P.S i am not parilized just bruised and sore and still skateboarding:)<br />

Don't be afraid to fail. it is not always true that a bad result comes after failure.Be positive. Have faith in yourself, n take the decision. There is always a thing to happy, just need to find that. Keep fighting.

My life wants me to stop and think and decide. I have decisions coming at me that will literally make or break my life, I cant do this, i dont know how. Everyone around me is getting through this without problems and i am stuck without any direction. What happens when i fail?