My Husband Thinks I Am Against My Inlaws

wen i married my husband, all i had seen was that he loves me so much. because i loved him so much, i automatically started loving his family too but he always told me that his parents doesnt love me because it was a love marriage and besides i didnt bring much in dowry but i still loved his family and did all i could with true feeling since all i want was a small happy family, i even forgot my parents for a year or so thinking of giving best to him and his family but everytime i talk about his family even in a very unbiased or decent way he would say that i am against his family. he gets mad on every silly thing and nothing bothers him even when i am in tears or depressed, he can even enjoy his cricket match then, my need to be heard and understood is highly unmet, its giving me so much of stress, i feel like walking out of the relationship , only thing stops me that i love him so much and somewhere i know that he loves me but for sure he doesnt put in effort to understand what i am going through.
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Dec 18, 2010