I Feel So Empty!! T-t

"It's summer vacation!.. I'll be having a good time!" That's what I told myself after the last day of class.  But unfortunately,,, Everything was not what I expected it to be,,. :( 

I have a boyfriend right now. But he's far away. Right now it's like long distance relationship. But I really Love him! Very much!! He's all that I think about everyday!
We used to chat always, we used to call each other on the phone, even at school, we used to have so many laughs about things and stuffs, we just have some fun! He never forget to say "i love you, how are you, have you eaten?" and such. He's a very sweet person! Just my perfect type of guy! 
I used to have a cellphone, and his number is there and everything else. But one day my cellphone fell down my bed. It was early in the morning when I found out about it. I tried to put the pieces back. And gladly it worked. But when I tried to contact him, i can only hear ringing then later on nothing else and my phone shuts down. Then I decided to send him message. Hoping that he can receive it.

After that, I never received any message from him or calls, ( you might be thinking "duh! that's because your cellphone broke" I know that! =P ) And I started to feel sad. So I kept being online in the messenger, and hope he is online. And when he is online, I try to chat with him, but everytime he will say "I am busy" and then nothing else. So I just say that I hope he is doing well, say i love him ofcourse, and say goodbye. In reply he just say okay, bye, or such. He's been like that for months now, And now I am really starting to feel worried about our relationship!. He doesn't even say Hi or Hello or How are you anymore! When was the last time he said he loves me? Well he says forever but still! I feel so worried!! I feel so Empty!! It seems like I am losing a very important piece of my heart!! I really don't want to lose him! T-T 

Everytime I hear a sad song, he's all in my mind,,, 
Sometimes I caught myself just staring when sad songs goes on. :( 
And sometimes, I just want to cry!! I can't hold it in! So I cry!!

I don't know what to do!! I want to contact him again, but now he's mostly not online!!
It seems like our relationship is dying! And I really don't want that to happen!! He's been in my heart
for soo long, and if i lose him again,, I don't know what's gonna happen next for me,,, T-T
xxtrueheartzxx xxtrueheartzxx
13-15, F
Mar 30, 2011