A Road Less Travelled

Sometimes when you take a journey on a road less travelled, you are leaving something behind, something in the rear view mirror that may be important in your life, or something from which you may need and want to escape. At the end of this road can be opportunities that would not otherwise be available to you if you had stayed behind, an opportunity to meet someone, to experience something you have never experienced before, or to briefly escape from the rigors and pressures of your real life. Sometimes these opportunities can be magical, even if only for a fleeting moment, and you wonder how you even considered letting them slip through your fingers. At other times you wonder how you could have been so naive to think that these opportunities could possibly have worked out.

This is not a road that I have well travelled. Sometimes the signs along the road were not always clear, causing me to occasionally vacillate and turn back. At other times I sometimes lost my way to my destination. But when the itinerary is not ambiguous, and the signs are clear and the GPS is functioning as it should, I have enjoyed the trip, even if it meant that after a short time I had to reverse direction and return to whence I came.

I realize that under the same circumstances others may not want to journey on the road less travelled, even if they have the freedom and the time to do so. For me perhaps it is the lack of freedom and the passage of time that makes the journey that much more compelling. For others perhaps these boundaries do not exist, so therefore it does not have the same special meaning or sense of urgency. For this I cannot be bitter, nor will I hold a grudge.

But in the end I hope that the journey on the road less travelled can be made, even if in another time and place, and that the ride will be enjoyable, with no boundaries or limitations whatsoever, and that the journey can be made with the sun shining, the top down and our backs to the wind.
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3 Responses Jun 9, 2011

Wow, I envy your freedom to travel such a road. May your journey be joyous and you not miss a detail along the way!

i can relate

can i drive?