I Want To Cure The Emptyness, I Dont Seem To Feel Anything, I Autodestroy Myself Just To Feel Something

I feel empty, nothing makes me exited and i got this feeling of being wasted my life, I dont remenber the last time I was happy, Is hard for me trying to explain this to somebody, Im always the funny girl but no ones knows, I keep searching for this "thing" that is going to make it everything better that is going to make me normal but i dont seem to find it and im getting tired. The only thing that always cames to my mind is escape, run until there is not more road.
Elizabeth2000 Elizabeth2000
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Maybe your not chalenging your self .. they say that there's few things that keep a human happy and these things are SOMETHING TO DO SOMETHING TO LOVE AND SOMETHING TO HOPE FOR .

But how do I find those things?