Bottomless Pit

There is a hole inside of me. I don't know what is missing from it. I don't know what belongs there.
So I go through life, desperately and almost feverishly trying to shovel something into it, anything that might fill the hole that is there. But nothing does. Every single thing I do and every single thing I try, never makes it any better.
And I see everyone around me who seem like they have everything together, like they are somehow complete and I'm broken and tossed aside.
AGH, It's the most frustrating thing!
AttackedByMonsters AttackedByMonsters
18-21, F
4 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I believe what is missing from your life is your relationship with God the one and only creator of the universe who has no son. You need to read about true muslims and not the muslims nowadays. Read the Qura'an and by learning it you will fill that hole and heal any depression in your life. I promise ;)

i too feel i have that empty hole in me , no matter what i try i just cant fill it up , i feel like my soul has been shattered.

I know what's missing in your life. If you look down you'll notice your not wearing pants.:)lol

Hello, i think that everyone has a hole inside, but soon or later we fill it, so donĀ“t worry, a day will come when you can feel full and happy, so try to smile and live your life, becouse the thing that you want is now somewhere in the outside, so go on and try to find it, i know you will, good luck : )