I'm 18 years old and have been though a lot. like I have lived with my grandma and grandpa from the day I was born. At the time I thought my mom and dad didn't want me. So I lived with them, but one night when I was 11 I went to wake up my grandma and she wouldn't wake up, she was cold. I didn't know what to do so we call 911 and they said she was dead. So at 11 years old I had already found my grandma/mom dead in her bed. Oh there's more, so after that I couldn't live with my grandpa anymore so my aunt took me away to live somewhere totally new, somewhere where everyone was a stranger to me. I am now 18 years old and have lived with 5 different families and I have never really felt like I have belong in any of them. Right now I live with my friend and her family. I have had an amazing boyfriend for 3 years now and he has help me though so much, He's the only one I can really go to and at that I know it's annoying to him, So now I'm on here. Just wanting to get things out from inside me. Jut wanting people to understand and talk to me....
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You've already experienced and had to endure much in your short life thus far. They say experience helps shape who we become and makes us stronger. It may have been hard and may still be, but I think you'll become a strong and fine young woman soon enough. Just surround yourself with good people.

You sound very strong to have gone through so much and to still be able to have things like what sounds like quite a wonderful relationship...and you are dealing with this in the right way! I hope that you find peace!

Thank you! I think I may have found some peace.

Well for only being 18 years old. You have healthy decision making choices. Reaching out in a safe way for (im guessing) support through others because of your not feeling connected too much to anyone but your boyfriend. Its considerate of you to think of his feelings but why it would be annoying him is questionable. Unless hes studying for finals and has a couple much younger siblings to take care of and dosnt have alot time to stop and visit with you. At any rate...Im much older but I am a female that will listen or try and give advice if you need it. So enjoy being you young lady.

Well thank you! Yeah I try to look for the best in things and try not o make bad choices. I do good for the most part. I think if feel like I'm complaining in a way, I mean I could see how I could be complaining in someone else eyes. He's great don't get me wrong, just not the best listener... but that's okay. That's why I'm trying this and thanks I'll might have to come and talk to you now that you said I could!!!!

Do you know how to send a big massive hug in here?


FYI i hug my laptop right now for you.
hope it deliver

Well thanks you much!

I'm a bit crazy huh?

Your welcome

ha ha no!

It was great about you and your bf there. It would be a huge achievement for me, if I had one

I mean if i have gf

Yeah, but like I said I feel like I annoying him with all my problems

No you're not. it's a consequence as a bf to accept his gf in any way or conditions.

I know he accepts me I just feel like I annoy him... Ha ha oh well

just live your live we are still young

I like with my grandparents and I am 12 and everyday I am scared that something like that is going to happen if she dies I won't be able to to live with him my grandma left 4 3 weeks to visit family so I was alone with my grandpa and I had to cook 4 all 3weeks and I was left alone alot of the time . At that time I was 8

You know what help2080. It's good you thinking like that. and since you think like that, then spend good time with your grandparents and do not ever disappoint them.

Trust me I try but we don't get along and I have other problems in my family so they wouldn't car any ways

what is car got something to do with this?

Oops I ment they Won't care

well as long as you think you'r doing it right than it is, doesn't matter what people think or care or not


Hey help2080, We are totally the same, the day before my grandma pasted we got in the huge fight and for the longest time I thought it was my fault that he passed. Just always remember that the love you very much, their old so they are a little more grummpy, but they love you like your one of their own.<3

Thank and I thought the same thing so I keeped reading thro it

Well I'm glad you did! I'm here if you need help with anything!

Thanks it's nice to no some one is there 4 me

Your welcome

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